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Need a work-specific truck, van, or specialty vehicle (new or used?) Crest Capital will provide you with no-hassle financing.
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  • No Age Restrictions on Used Trucks
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  • "Private-Seller" Financing is Ok

Crest Capital has the best Titled Vehicle Programs.

Our programs are for financing business-related trucks, vans, and work vehicles. Crest Capital provides you with convenient financing for your company's new or used work vehicle(s). We have a streamlined (and rather simple) credit approval process; and offer 24-72 month terms, great rates and a hassle-free guaranteed purchase option with the title in your company's name. In addition, you can borrow 100% of the purchase price of new and used vehicles and trailers (including most soft costs like taxes and registration).

Attention Used Vehicle Buyers.

As new vehicle prices keep climbing, used vehicles become even better values, whether you buy them from a dealership or a private seller. While most of our competitors finance new vehicles only (or restrict financing to five model-years or newer), Crest Capital will consider virtually any age, make, or model vehicle, from any seller!

Private Party Sales are a Specialty!

Crest Capital welcomes private party sales. Unlike the bank, we won't tell you who you have to buy your vehicle from. So if you find the perfect business vehicle from a private seller, go ahead and shake hands – we'll provide the hassle - free financing.

Trucks and work vehicles for non-trucking companies!

If you are not in the transportation industry, then Crest Capital is your go-to financing for almost any type of work vehicle. From work trucks to cargo vans to dump trucks to cube vans to paving machines to cherry pickers for tree services. you name it. About the only vehicles we don't finance are passenger cars, and trucks for owner operators (although we do finance individual 18 wheelers for non-transportation companies.)

Mileage / Wear & Tear Flexibility.

Forget about mileage restrictions. Unlike other lenders, Crest Capital's vehicle loans and leases have no mileage limits or hidden charges. We also understand that you use the vehicle for work. Our competitor's deal might look like a bargain in the beginning, but all the body damage and excess mileage charges at the end of term cost you more.

Body Manufacturers / Up-Fitters / Special Equipment Installers.

If you're looking to finance your truck or chassis during the conversion or up-fitting process, Crest Capital has the program for you. We can defer payments until the conversion is complete (allowing you to use the vehicle to earn revenue before payments start). Great for dump trucks, lift trucks, and other utility vehicles you need customized for your specific needs (we specialize in that stuff, and even handle class 7 & 8 trucks!)
Flexible Vehicle


Crest Capital has two basic vehicle financing agreements. TVA (Titled Vehicle Finance Agreement), and TRAC Lease (Terminal Rental Adjustment Clause).


TVA (Titled Vehicle Finance Agreement) is essentially a loan offering a fixed monthly payment that does not fluctuate with increases in like-term Treasury Rates. You own the vehicle and we release our security interest at the end of the finance term. No blanket liens or compensating balances like a typical bank loan.


TRAC Lease (Terminal Rental Adjustment Clause) provides a guaranteed purchase price for titled vehicles and/or trailers at the end of the lease term and complies with true lease requirements according to IRS rules. At the end of the lease term, you may either purchase the vehicle for a fixed price, or sell the vehicle to a third party. If you sell the vehicle to a third party, you retain any excess over the purchase option amount. However, if the vehicle is sold below the purchase option amount, then you are responsible for any difference between the sales price and the purchase option amount.

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Whether you choose a vehicle lease or vehicle loan, Crest Capital is the right choice. Apply now and get approved today.


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