Financing For Specialized Vehicles

Do you need to finance a new or used specialized work vehicle? Drill rigs, ambulances, aerial platform trucks and lifts, concrete mixers, cranes, hearses, or similar? Let Crest Capital provide fast, easy financing for your company’s specialized vehicle needs.

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Outwork the Competition with a New or Used Specialized Vehicle Financed or Leased with Crest Capital!

Specialized work vehicles handle specific yet important tasks across countless industries. Vehicles like ambulances, aerial platform trucks and lifts, drill rigs, concrete mixers, agriculture vehicles, cranes, catering and food trucks, and many more perform work that other vehicles simply cannot do.

There are a lot of different specialized vehicles, and Crest Capital’s no-hassle financing can get you exactly what you need at a payment that makes sense. Whether you are buying from a dealer or a private seller, we offer excellent rates, a fast and easy application, and same-day approvals. Plus, we have more than 30 years of experience in financing all kinds of specialized vehicles for small businesses.

  • Mobile Drilling Rigs

    Depending on the terrain and drilling need, different types and sizes of mobile drill rigs can be utilized: rotary drilling rigs, percussion drilling rigs, down-the-hole (DTH) drilling rigs, top hammer drilling rigs, core drilling rigs, and many more.

  • Aerial Platform Trucks / Aerial Lifts

    Aerial platform trucks and aerial lifts (sometimes also called aerial work platforms) come in several key configurations, sizes, and lift heights. Scissor lifts are common (both electric and rough terrain styles), and you also have boom trucks/extendable boom lifts, vertical towers, straight boom lifts, mast boom lifts, articulating boom lifts, and many others. Some are drivable themselves, and others are mounted onto trucks. Either way, their function is similar – get workers and tools high up safely so they can do the job. They are commonly used by many industries: construction, landscaping, agriculture, power, and even property management for maintenance and cleaning.

  • Ambulances

    There are three main types of ambulances; type I ambulances, type II ambulances, and type III ambulances. The main difference is in body construction, space, equipment, and available drive types (4-wheel drive / AWD / 2WD). Types I and III utilize truck and van chassis with a separate rear module, where type II is an all-in-one construction similar to a van.

  • Fire Trucks

    Everybody loves fire trucks! And while the overall goal is firefighting, there are different (and interesting) types of fire trucks that serve different purposes. The typical engine truck is the most common for fighting fires. But for higher areas you may see a ladder truck (large ladder trucks are called tillers and need two drivers); a rescue truck will carry all manner of cutting, lifting, and winching gear; and there are even smaller brush fire trucks specifically for getting into wooded areas, amongst others.

  • Hearses

    Leading a funeral procession is a hearse. These vehicles have an unmistakable look, and typically only have a front seat, and a large back for a casket. Options can include hydraulic lifts / fold out ramps for easier loading and unloading.

  • Concrete Mixing Trucks

    Concrete mixing trucks are used to both mix concrete and transport it (they are sometimes mistakenly called cement trucks, but really they are mixing cement with sand and gravel to create concrete). Some concrete mixing trucks can come equipped with powerful pumps to deliver concrete several stories high (thus creating a concrete pump truck).

  • Cranes

    Mobile cranes come in different maximum heights and weight capacities (even up to 300’ for crawler cranes) and will typically utilize hydraulic outriggers / braces to keep the vehicle stable when in operation. They have many varied uses, from construction to tree work, even being capable of safely lifting an entire cut tree from an otherwise-unreachable backyard (an impressive sight!) Note: looking for bucket trucks? They are on our service and utility vehicles financing page.

  • Food Trucks / Catering Trucks

    Bringing restaurant quality food to non-restaurant locations requires specialized catering trucks. Outfitted with countless cooking options, catering trucks can be equipped with grills, ovens, fryers, smokers, beverage machines, ice cream machines, and many more.

  • Agriculture / Grain Trucks

    Grain trucks can sometimes be mistaken for dump trucks, but a key difference is grain trucks will typically have a roof that can be opened and closed. This protects the grain from the elements and other harmful circumstances.

As the name suggests, specialized vehicles are indeed utilized for specialized purposes (by nature of their design many would be inefficient for other tasks). It takes a knowledgeable lender to provide the right new or used specialized vehicle financing, and Crest Capital has 30+ years’ experience in small business lending. We understand your need for specialized vehicles and will work with you to get you the exact vehicle you need.

Key Business Advantages of Financing Specialized Vehicles with Crest Capital.

Besides being easy to work with, utilizing Crest Capital to finance a specialized vehicle has some excellent advantages for your company:

Orange thumbs up icon Better Cash Flow

Financing a Specialized Vehicle with Crest Capital will get you a monthly payment that makes good financial sense. You can get the vehicle you need right now and use it to produce revenue immediately. This allows you to earn more than the payment, improving your cash flow month after month.

Orange thumbs up icon We Also Finance Used Specialized Vehicles

This is a BIG advantage of working with Crest Capital. We will finance used specialized vehicles as well as new. Most competing lenders will not do this, and even if they do, they will have significant vehicle age restrictions. Crest Capital doesn’t, so if you find a great used specialized vehicle (even from a private seller), go after it – we’ll handle the financing.

Orange thumbs up icon Buy From a Dealer Or a Private Party Seller

Another advantage of working with Crest Capital is we will finance specialized vehicles bought from private sellers. Again, most competing lenders will stay away from these kinds of transactions, but in many cases Crest Capital will happily finance a specialized vehicle purchased from a private party. Let us know the details and we’ll get you an answer fast.

Orange thumbs up icon Exceptional Tax Advantages for Specialized Vehicles

Due to their “work vehicle” nature, specialized vehicles will usually qualify for maximum tax and depreciation deductions available to businesses, such as Section 179 and Bonus Depreciation. Financing your specialized vehicle with Crest Capital allows you to take advantage of these.

Orange thumbs up icon Get The Specialized Vehicle You Need, Outfitted Your Way

Our flexible terms and low rates mean you can get a payment that is manageable, so you need not compromise on model and/or options. If you really wanted the larger crane but the sticker price was making you consider a smaller one, talk to us – we’ll work hard to get you the one you really need.

Orange thumbs up icon Fully Customize Your Specialized Vehicle

One great thing about many specialized vehicles is the number of customization options that are available to them. Crest Capital understands how this can make the vehicle much more versatile in the field, so in many cases we can lend you more than the sticker price so you can get the customization options you really need.

Getting Specialized Vehicle Financing with Crest Capital Is Easy.

  • One Simple “No Paperwork” Application

    We know your time is valuable, so we offer a fast “application only” form for any loan or lease under $250k. And you can leave your financial statements and tax returns in the filing cabinet – we don’t need them.

  • Excellent Fixed Rates

    Our rates are extremely competitive, and better still, they are fixed, so there are no surprises during your loan term. You lock into a great rate, and it won’t go up, period.

  • No Restrictive Blanket Liens or Covenants

    Unlike a bank, Crest Capital does not have blanket liens. Nor will we require minimum bank balances, or ask you to requalify for the loan annually. Your business is yours, and we leave you (and your assets) alone.

  • The Industry’s Fastest Approval

    Crest Capital will not make you wait. We can approve most specialized vehicle loans and leases within a matter of hours.

Specialized Vehicle Financing and Leasing FAQ

What are the current rates for financing a specialized vehicle?

The rates for financing or leasing a specialized vehicle will vary based on several factors: the current federal funds rate, the financing term, the type of loan or lease utilized, the borrower’s credit profile, and other factors. However, viewed side by side, Crest Capital’s rates are extremely comparable to typical bank rates. However, Crest does not require typical bank restrictions (like blanket liens and similar). Our rates are also fixed, giving peace of mind.

Can I finance, title, and insure a specialized vehicle in my company name?

Yes. Your new/used specialized vehicle will be financed, titled, and insured in your company name. This has key advantages, like keeping your business and personal expenses separate, better tax advantages, and better insurance coverage via commercial policy as well. It also allows your company to better build its credit profile.

What business advantages are there to acquiring a new or used specialized vehicle?

The obvious advantage is getting another revenue-producing vehicle in the field. Also, in the case of many specialized vehicles, they can help your business become more self-sufficient (an in-house concrete pump truck for example).

What business loan and lease options are available for specialized vehicles?

For financing a specialized vehicle, a Titled Finance Agreement (TVA) is common. This is a fixed-rate loan that can have different term lengths depending on your desired monthly payment. Your company owns the vehicle during the loan term and beyond, allowing you to take the allotted tax deductions and depreciation for it.

Some larger companies may prefer not to have the vehicle on their balance sheet. For them, a TRAC lease makes sense. With this type of lease, the vehicle is not owned by the company. This eliminates depreciation tax deductions but does allow the lease payments to be written off as an expense.

Besides these, Crest Capital also offers additional business vehicle lease and loan agreements that can satisfy any requirement.

Can my company finance a used specialized vehicle?

Absolutely. Crest Capital is one of the only business lenders who offers financing and leasing for used specialized vehicles (as well as new). And unlike other lenders, we also have almost no age restrictions on used vehicles.

Can I finance a specialized vehicle from a private seller?

Yes. Crest Capital is one of the only lenders who will finance a specialized vehicle from a private party seller as well as dealers. This sets us apart from many competitors, because we understand the best deals on business vehicles are sometimes offered by private sellers. So shop with confidence that you can get financing even if you choose a private seller.

Can customization options be added to a specialized vehicle finance deal?

Yes. Crest Capital can loan businesses more than the base sticker price for specialized vehicles, allowing them to be customized for more effective use in the field.

How fast is the specialized vehicle financing approval process?

Crest Capital is known for fast approvals. We can approve your company’s specialized vehicle loan or lease application within hours, not days.

How can I find out if I qualify for specialized vehicle financing?

It’s simple and fast. Click any of the “check your eligibility instantly” buttons on this page to get started.

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