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Crest Capital is the leader in software financing for businesses across the U.S. since 1989. The reasons are obvious.

For more than two decades, Crest has been providing companies with excellent software financing. We understand how important software is to your business, so we've made it a specialty. We'll even finance custom-developed software, and can include installation, training, and support agreements as well.

  • Custom Software
  • Installation Included
  • Training Cost = OK
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We can finance everything: Installation, new user training, support agreements, upgrades- these can all be included in your software financing agreement. We can also finance added licenses down the road too.


Software-Only financing: You don't always need new hardware every time you add software. A software lease or loan through Crest Capital will ensure that you remain current, both in terms of hardware and software.


It's really easy: When you finance software through Crest Capital, you are doing business with an established lender who understands the importance of having the right technology now - not next quarter or next year, when it could be too late. Excellent rates, prompt credit approvals, and clear, simple financial agreements are the hallmark of Crest. You owe it to yourself and your company to explore the possibilities.


Stay technologically competitive: The right software makes everything easier. Your competition will happily take any technological advantage they can. Staying on the cutting edge makes you more productive, and more competitive.


Larger scale project financing as well: We offer Project Finance Plans for large scale implementations, matching the payment schedule to benchmarks such as delivery of contracted milestones. We also provide Deployment Acquisition Plans, allowing businesses to make large volume commitments, and pay in a manner that corresponds to the deployment schedule. Our finance programs allow you to recognize cost discounts associated with an increased volume purchase.

The Process is very easy! The folks were helpful in helping me find the right solution for my business.

Ben Taylor | AssureSouth, Inc.

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