Truck Financing. For Your Business.

Choose your new or used vehicle(s) from any dealer or private seller, and Crest Capital will provide the hassle-free financing.

Crest Capital has been providing businesses with easy vehicle financing for more than 30 years. We are business vehicle financing specialists, financing new and used work trucks, buses, vans, limos, trailers, etc. In addition, we have few (if any) leasing restrictions (mileage, age, etc...), and can provide you with very business-friendly terms.

  • Private Party Sales!
  • No Age Restrictions
  • Section 179 Write Off
  • Title in Business = OK
  • No Mileage Limitation
  • 100% Financing

**Please note that Crest Capital finances trucks (including 18-wheelers) only for non-transportation industry companies. We cannot finance owner-operator trucks or trucking company fleets.


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Allows You to Choose the Seller: Crest Capital will provide you the financing for your business vehicle purchase, regardless of seller - even private party sales. Have us in your back pocket, whether you go to a private seller or a dealership.


You Get the Vehicle You Need, at the Terms You Want: Banks have many restrictions, and if the vehicle is highly specialized, they may not finance it for you. Crest has no such limitations. In addition, we provide the terms you are looking for on both new or used vehicleswith no mileage restrictions.


You Can Get the Vehicle Up-Fitted: Monthly Some companies need aftermarket customization to turn a vehicle into a revenue-producer. Crest Capital understands this, and offers vehicle financing that covers not just the vehicle, but also the aftermarket customization. Plus, we finance soft costs, like taxes and delivery.


There Are No End-Of-Lease Surprises: You can get a guaranteed purchase option, without the "gotcha" (again, we have no mileage restrictions).


We Understand Business Leasing Requirements: For example, you can put the vehicle in your company's name (no more being forced to personally finance your business vehicles).


We'll Finance Trailers and More: We also finance custom and specialty trailers. In fact, if it has tires, and you need it for business, chances are Crest Capital can finance it.


Because We Provide the Financing, Your Cash Flow is Improved: As you can see, we'll provide financing in cases where companies thought it was impossible. Your cash isn't tied up, instead it's available for other business-growing endeavors.

The Process is very easy! The folks were helpful in helping me find the right solution for my business.

Ben Taylor | AssureSouth, Inc.

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