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Crest Capital provides businesses with straightforward, large-scale equipment financing and leasing that meets your needs and specific payment preferences.

If you need a large equipment loan or lease ($250,000+) or you're looking for better-than-standard payment terms, Crest Capital is your go-to source for financing. Do you need financing quickly? No problem – we're on it

Crest handles your specific
financing needs:
  • Large Leases and Loans
  • Deferred Payment Terms
  • Longer Amortizations
  • Seasonal Payments
  • And More...

Leases and Loans

Financial disclosure financing goes like this:

Our larger-amount financing (we call Mid-Ticket Financing) encompasses larger dollar amounts (over 250k) and/or deals that need specific (or even custom) payment terms. We'll work to deliver the funds you need quickly, and also provide the precise terms that satisfy your accounting department's wishes.

  • The first step is to find the equipment, software, or vehicles you need, from the sellers of your choice.
  • Fill out our online application, which you can do from the comfort and privacy of your home or office. Terms are generally between 24 and 84 months and in amounts from $50,000 - $1,000,000.

From there, besides us checking Dun and Bradstreet and similar, we will need to look at other information from you. Here's a quick checklist (you can download a PDF version here)

  • Write-up - Overview of Organization (2 pages max – plus brochures and/or resumes).
  • Write-up - Purpose of Equipment & Financial Justification of Acquiring Equipment.
  • Last 2 Year-End Financial Statements and Current Interim Financial Statement.
  • Last 2 Year Tax Returns (unless Financial Statements are Audited or Reviewed).
  • Last 2 Year Tax Returns on all entities and principals owning 20+%.
  • Current Financial Statement on all entities or principals owning 20+%.
  • List of current Loans and Leases (include lender name, account number, and phone number).

Once the above is in place, an answer can be had rather quickly – typically within a business day. If necessary, a Crest representative can work with you in compiling the above. We want to provide the funds you need quickly, and at terms that will make your balance sheet look great.

The Process is very easy! The folks were helpful in helping me find the right solution for my business.

Ben Taylor | AssureSouth, Inc.

Whether you choose a lease or a loan, Crest Capital is the right lender. Apply now and get approved today.

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