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If you’re on a construction site (or any outdoor worksite for that matter) it’s a given you will see a dump truck or three. These vehicles are used by almost every industry – construction, contractors, paving, landscapers/tree work, stone and gravel, municipality road service and highway departments, demolition, and hundreds of others.

Reliable Used Dump Truck Financing at Crest Capital Crest Capital understands new and used dump truck financing better than anyone. We’ve been doing this for a long time, and continually update our process to be the fastest and easiest in the lending industry. Since 1989, we’ve been financing dump trucks (leasing too) at the most competitive rates and business-friendly terms, not to mention the fastest approval time. This means you can get the dump truck loan or lease you need, at a monthly payment you’ll love.

Crest Capital’s New and Used Dump Truck Financing Has Many Benefits:

Green Check Mark - Signifying Successful Dump Truck Loan Approval A Fast, Easy Application - One easy online form, and that’s it. And for dump truck loans under $250k, we do not need to see any paperwork or financial records.

Green Check Mark - Signifying Successful Dump Truck Loan Approval Great Fixed Rates - Our fixed rates are extremely competitive, with low monthly payments. And there are no blanket liens or other restrictions.

Green Check Mark - Signifying Successful Dump Truck Loan Approval Fast Approvals – We know you need your dump truck loan fast, so we’ve made an art form of approving deals quickly, often within several hours.

Dump Truck Financing FAQ (Always Updated)

What Are New and Used Dump Truck Financing Rates?
Crest Capital’s rates for financing and leasing dump trucks are always the most competitive in the industry. And the absence of restrictions makes our rates the most attractive for dump truck leasing and financing.

Are Your Rates Fixed Rates?
Yes they are, and that’s always the best rate, because then your monthly payments are very predictable. Further, our payments are true monthly payments, which are always preferable to bi-monthly/weekly or worse, daily payments some lenders use.

How Fast Can I Be Approved for a Dump Truck Lease or Loan?
Most deals are approved within a few hours, and almost never more than one business day. We’re fast.

Do I Need Collateral?
Nope. The financed dump truck itself is all the collateral we need. No blanket liens or similar.

Are There Other Restrictions?
No there are not. Unlike most banks, we won’t require you to keep minimum account balances, nor must you requalify for the loan every year or worry about the dump truck loan being called in prematurely. We recognize that a lender who leaves borrowers alone is a good lender.

Any Restriction on the Type of Dump Truck I Can Finance? And Can It be a Used Dump Truck?
You can finance or lease dump trucks of any make, model, or configuration. And yes, used dump truck leasing / financing is something we do as well.

Can I Check if I Qualify for a New or Used Dump Truck Financing Loan?
Yes. Click the “check your eligibility instantly” button below. That will quickly and easily prequalify you, with no credit check.

Get the Dump Truck Leasing and Financing You Need Today

No Credit Check Pre-Approval for Dump Truck Financing and Leasing
Articulated Dump Truck Financing
An articulated dump truck performs largely the same function as a traditional dump truck - they allow for the transportation of loose material such as gravel, sand, heavy dirt or even debris. Articulated dump trucks are more rugged, and thus are used in rougher terrain. Because of the high initial cost of these vehicles, new or used articulated dump truck financing is often a must.
Mining Truck Financing
A mining truck is a dump truck used by the mining industry. Mining trucks tend to be incredible in size and usually dwarf nearby people (and other vehicles). The purpose of a mining truck is to haul large amounts of heavy materials. Their outsized cost often makes businesses choose to seek new or used mining truck financing.
Off-road Dump Truck Financing
An off-road dump truck is a dump truck usually used by the mining industry to haul large, heavy-material payloads. A ‘Haul truck’ is the preferred industry name for these business vehicles, and they are so large that they tend to dwarf nearly everything. Their great expense makes choosing to new or used off road dump truck financing a smart move.
Side Dump Truck Financing
Side dump trucks perform generally the same function as a regular dump truck - they allow for the transportation of loose materials. However, side dump trucks dump their payload on the right or left side (thus the name “Side Dump Truck”.) Because of their cost, new or used side dump truck financing is beneficial.
Superdump Truck Financing
A super dump truck is a dump truck with an immense carrying load, often hauling payloads of up to 32 tons. The purpose of a super dump truck is to haul larger amounts of heavy materials than regular dump trucks. This makes them expensive, and their cost often compels businesses to seek out new or used super dump truck financing.
Transfer Dump Truck Financing
A transfer dump truck is a dump truck that hauls a trailer. Sometimes they’re referred to as Slam-Bang trucks due to the noise made when transferring. Transfer dump trucks are popular choices in the construction industry. Due to the expense of this industry favorite, business choose to find excellent new or used transfer dump truck financing.

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