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Need to finance a new or used service and utility vehicle, such as a tow truck, garbage truck, bucket truck, water truck, or similar? Crest Capital offers fast, hassle-free financing solutions perfect for your company’s needs.

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Get the Job Done Right with a New or Used Service and Utility Vehicle Financed or Leased with Crest Capital!

Service and utility vehicles are used by companies across many different industries. From a tree service or utility bucket truck to a garbage truck to a dairy, water, or propane/gas truck, the shapes, sizes, and configurations are almost limitless.

Whichever service and utility vehicle you need, Crest Capital’s financing can get you on the road quickly. Besides low rates and fast approvals, we also have more than 30-years of experience financing nearly every type of service and utility vehicle imaginable:

  • Tow Trucks

    Flatbed tow trucks, hook and chain tow trucks, integrated tow trucks, and wheel lift tow trucks are “the big four” of tow truck types. They all have different advantages so it is not uncommon to see towing companies have more than one type.

  • Bucket Trucks

    Getting a worker up high safely is necessary for many industries, the most common being tree trimming, utility, and cable companies. Bucket Trucks (sometimes called Boom Trucks) can be quite diverse, with different height capabilities and hydraulic outriggers / stabilizing legs.

  • Utility Trucks

    While many utility and/or cable companies use the above-mentioned bucket trucks, they may have them configured differently, with options to carry large amounts of wire and cable, and various gear needed in the field.

  • Garbage Trucks

    There are many types of garbage trucks: front loader, side loader, rear loader, and roll off garbage trucks to name a few. Besides the compacting, lift, and emptying capabilities, they can have many other options, like hydraulic grab arms that allow one worker to handle all tasks from the driver’s seat. Certain refuse trucks may be specialized for liquids or other materials too.

  • Water Trucks / Dairy Trucks

    Food grade trucks and tankers of all sizes are widely used to transport water, dairy, and other liquids used in the food and beverage industry (there are even tankers full of vegetable oil, vinegar, corn syrup, and more). If you are wondering where concrete and cement trucks are, they could be here but we chose to include them on the Specialized Vehicles page.

  • Gas / Oil / Propane Trucks

    Transporting fuels, chemicals, and other materials requires special tankers designed for the specific material it is carrying. They can be insulated or not, pressurized or not, and even have several chambers for multiple loads. They range in size from the big tanker trucks delivering fuel to gas stations to smaller vehicles that deliver propane or fuel oil to homeowners.

  • Septic Trucks

    Septic trucks are specifically made to do the opposite of a delivery – instead, they visit homes and businesses and pump out the septic tank and haul it away. Because of this, they are sometimes called vacuum trucks. It’s a dirty job but somebody has to do it!

The preceding should give a good idea of the breadth of the service and utility vehicles category. As with all vehicle categories, there is some overlap. Regardless of whether you find the new or used business vehicle you want to finance on this page or another (or even if you don’t find it on any page), chances are Crest Capital is willing to consider financing it.

Main Benefits of Financing Service and Utility Vehicles With Crest Capital.

There are many important advantages to financing and/or leasing new or used service and utility vehicles with Crest Capital.

 Cash Flow Advantages

Financing a service and utility vehicle can markedly improve your cash flow. You lock in at a fixed monthly payment, and deploy the vehicle in the field, earning revenue from day one. This allows you to “out-earn” the payment immediately, month after month.

 Tax Advantages Financing a Service and Utility Vehicle

Service and utility vehicles are primarily business-use vehicles, meaning you can take advantage of generous business tax deductions like Section 179, Bonus Depreciation, or (if leasing) deduction of lease payments.

 No Compromises on Service and Utility Vehicle Choice

When you finance a service and utility vehicle, sticker shock is greatly minimized. Low fixed monthly payments mean you can get the make and model you truly want, complete with all the options you require. You won’t be limited by your bank account balance.

 We Also Finance Used Service and Utility Vehicles

Crest Capital is one of the only lenders who welcomes financing or leasing a used / preowned service and utility vehicle. In many cases, age does not matter, so if you find the perfect service and utility vehicle that suits your needs, go after it – we’ll handle the financing.

 We Work with Both Dealers and Private Party Sellers

With Crest Capital’s flexible financing, you can buy your service and utility vehicle from virtually anyone – dealer or private seller.

 Customize Your Service and Utility Vehicle

Service and utility vehicles can have numerous customization options. And Crest Capital can finance the exact vehicle you need, complete with dealer-installed or aftermarket options. You can sometimes borrow more than the base sticker price and get the options you need added onto the vehicle and into your payment.

5-star rating

"I’ve used Crest Capital twice now for equipment financing for my construction company. They are awesome to work with and are very prompt and professional! I highly recommend you give them a shot with your next financing need!"

It’s Easy to Take Advantage of Crest Capital’s Service and Utility Vehicle Financing and Leasing

  • Easy “No Paperwork” Online Application

    For any service and utility vehicle loan under $250k, you only need to complete one quick form. No other paperwork or financial statements are necessary.

  • Fixed Rates

    You’ll get a great rate, and lock into it. This means your payment will not change during the loan or lease term.

  • No Blanket Liens or Similar Covenants

    Crest Capital forgoes blanket liens, minimum bank balances, and other restrictive covenants. We believe you should be left alone to run your business as you see fit, without constraints on your finances or assets.

  • Fast Approvals

    Our motto is “Nobody Waits for Crest Capital”. We can approve most service and utility vehicle loans or leases in several hours.

Service and Utility Vehicle Financing and Leasing FAQ

What are the rates for financing or leasing a service and utility vehicle?

The rate for financing a service and utility vehicle will vary based on several factors: borrower credit profile, loan term, the type of loan or lease, and others. That said, Crest Capital’s rates are very competitive with typical bank rates. However, a big advantage is our rates are fixed, allowing you to lock-in to a payment that does not change. Plus, there are no typical bank covenants like blanket liens and similar.

Can my service and utility vehicle be financed, titled, and insured in my company name?

Yes, your new (or used) service and utility vehicle will be financed, titled, and insured in your company name. This offers many advantages, like separation of business and personal expenses, better commercial policy insurance coverage, and significant tax advantages as well.

What advantages does a new or used service and utility vehicle offer to my company?

By their very nature, service and utility vehicles are designed and built for a specific purpose (typically the service your company performs). Adding a new/used one to your fleet increases your service level and revenue potential.

What lease and loan options are available for service and utility vehicles?

Crest Capital offers several lease and loan types for service and utility vehicles, as well as varying term lengths to meet your monthly payment requirements.

For financing a service and utility vehicle, a Titled Finance Agreement (TVA) is common. It’s a standard fixed-rate term loan that usually offers a 36-to-72-month term range. With a TVA, your company owns the vehicle, allowing for generous tax deductions and depreciation.

While not as common, some larger companies prefer a TRAC lease. This keeps the vehicle off your company’s balance sheet (no ownership). This removes any depreciation deductions, but it does allow for the straight deduction of the lease payments.

Besides the TVA and TRAC lease, Crest Capital offers other business vehicle lease and loan agreements that can satisfy any requirement.

Can my business finance a used service and utility vehicle?

Certainly! Unlike many lenders, Crest Capital specializes in financing both new and used service and utility vehicles for businesses, providing you with cost-effective and flexible solutions.

Can a service and utility vehicle from a private seller be financed?

Yes. Besides traditional sellers like dealerships, Crest Capital also finances private party sales, a rare offering in the industry, providing you with expanded buying options and assisting you in acquiring the ideal vehicle for your needs.

Is it possible to finance customization options for service and utility vehicles?

Yes. For service and utility vehicles, the options are often an important part of the build. In many cases, Crest Capital will allow you to borrow more than the sticker price to account for the customization you require.

How fast can my company be approved for service and utility vehicle financing?

Very quickly. In most cases, Crest Capital can approve your service and utility vehicle loan or lease application in a matter of hours.

How can I qualify for service and utility vehicle financing?

It’s easy. Simply click any of the “check your eligibility instantly” buttons on this page and follow the instructions.

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