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Striper and paving trucks are a mainstay of any paving company or road / parking lot maintenance operation, be it a private paving company or other commercial (or even government) enterprise. These are large, expensive vehicles that are required to do a proper job – in simple terms, paving even a driveway is almost impossible without a paving truck. And striping a parking lot or road without a striping truck? Most paving companies would not even consider it.

Crest Capital has years of experience financing paving trucks and/or financing striping trucks. In fact, equipment financing is all we do, so you could say we are specialists in financing paver and striping trucks. We also understand your business needs, be it a private paving company or other entity. We have a simple application process, great rates, and our approval process is as fast as a sports car on a freshly paved road. Contact us today to learn more.

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Truck Mounted Street Striper Financing
Truck mounted street stripers are trucks that paint the edge and middle paint stripes on hard surfaces. Truck mounted street stripers are necessary vehicles (nobody wants asphalt roads or parking lots without lines, do they?) Due to their high costs, companies often choose to finance truck mounted street stripers.
Tow Behind Street Striper Financing
Tow behind street stripers perform the same functions of a truck mounted street striper (to paint clean stripes on hard surfaces). However, tow behind street stripers are more compact and can perform without a dedicated truck. As a costly piece of equipment, businesses often choose to finance tow behind street stripers.
Asphalt Paver Truck Financing
Asphalt paver trucks come in different configurations, but they all perform the same basic job function, which is to distribute, shape and compact asphalt on roads, parking lots, and other areas. Due to the cost of this high ticket business vehicle, businesses typically choose to finance asphalt paver trucks.

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