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Towing companies (and auto repair companies that use tow trucks) know that the more vehicles they service, the more revenue they receive. And the way to service more vehicles is to put more tow trucks on the road. Since tow trucks are costly to buy, financing tow trucks is definitely a concern for these companies.

Even if a company doesn't use a tow truck for revenue (like perhaps a racetrack or a company having their own tow truck for their internal fleet), the cost for a new tow truck is still prohibitive.

Crest Capital offers years of experience in financing tow trucks. We understand the business models that require tow trucks, be it for profit or for utility reasons, and we offer the great rates and easy terms that make financing a tow truck manageable (and even profitable.) With a simple application process and fast approval, we'll have you moving down the road in no time. Contact us today to learn more.

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Boom Tow Truck Financing
A boom tow truck is a truck usually equipped with a boom winch for removing vehicles that are trapped in ditches or in any place where a traditional tow truck cannot safely back into. Because of their special features, they tend to be quite expensive. Therefore, financing boom tow trucks becomes necessary.
Flatbed Tow Truck Financing
Flatbed Tow Trucks are known by different names. Whether you call it a rollback tow truck or a slide tow truck, it still does the same job of towing vehicles. Flatbed tow trucks are useful vehicles, but are also costly. Because of their expense, many companies prefer to finance flatbed tow trucks.
Hook and Chain Tow Truck Financing
Hook and Chain Tow trucks use a hook and chain to transport vehicles that may not be able to transport themselves. As such, Hook and Chain tow trucks are ideal additions to any tow truck fleet. Because of their expense, many companies prefer to finance hook and chain tow trucks.
Quick Pick Tow Truck Financing
Quick Pick Tow Trucks are known by different tow truck names. Whether you call it an integrated, repo, or a quick pick tow truck, it still does the same job. It easily tows repossessed or illegally parked vehicles. Because of their expense, many companies prefer to finance quick pick tow trucks.
Wheel-Lift Tow Truck Financing
Wheel-lift tow trucks are an evolution of the hook and chain tow truck. A wheel-lift tow truck uses a large yoke to support the towed car usually touching only the wheels. A wheel-lift tow truck is a modern and pricey tow truck. Because of this, financing wheel-lift tow trucks is often the most desirable option.

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