Financing for Utility and Equipment Trailers

Do you need to finance cargo trailers, utility trailers, equipment trailers, dump trailers, flatbed trailers, or any other type of trailer? Then Crest Capital will provide the fast, easy financing to get you the trailers you need.

Crest Capital: Your Trusted Partner in Business Trailer Financing

*Note: Crest Capital specializes in financing trailers exclusively for companies outside the transportation industry. We cannot finance trailers for owner-operators or trucking companies.

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Increase Your Hauling Capabilities with New or Used Utility / Equipment Trailers Financed with Crest Capital!

Trailers are incredibly versatile and used in many industries. There are also countless models and configurations for trailers, like enclosed trailers, utility trailers, equipment trailers, dump trailers, gooseneck trailers… the list goes on. And the type you need depends on what you are hauling, with many companies requiring several different types.

Regardless of the type of trailer you need, Crest Capital's no-hassle financing makes it easy to get the exact models you want. Even financing used trailers from a private seller is usually not a problem. Our great rates, a simple "no paperwork" online application, and same-day approvals make it easy to tap into Crest Capital's 30+ years of experience to work for you and get yourself the right trailer for your company.

  • Cargo Trailers

    Cargo trailers (sometimes called enclosed trailers) are designed to securely haul cargo, and feature steel or aluminum walls and roofs. They may have several convenient access points such as hinged doors, roll-up doors, and can be locked for security. They typically range from six feet in length up to 24', and are usually six to eight feet in height.

  • Enclosed Trailers

    Enclosed trailers are generally another name for the above-mentioned cargo trailers. Since businesses use both names almost equally there isn't a definitive "best" term, so we'll list both. The industries that use enclosed/cargo trailers are numerous, from landscapers to building/trades contractors to DJ's to motorsports to many others (there are even refrigerated enclosed trailers). A significant advantage of cargo/enclosed trailers is they are usually easy to haul with a standard work truck.

  • Flatbed Trailers / Equipment Trailers

    Ever see a piece of heavy equipment being transported on a trailer? Then you're looking at a flatbed trailer (sometimes called an equipment trailer). Flatbed trailers are usually quite long, typically measuring 30’-48'. Other names for flatbed trailers include lowboy trailers, step deck trailers, hotshot trailers, and Conestoga trailers.

  • Utility Trailers

    Utility trailers come in many sizes, usually 8' to 22' in length. Unlike flatbed trailers, they typically have side rails of varying heights and may feature fold-up rear barriers that can act as a ramps. These are ideal for transporting "smaller" equipment like skid steers and similar.

  • Dump Trailers

    Looking similar to a utility trailer in size, and usually with side rails, a dump trailer's most notable feature is its ability to "dump" its load via a hydraulic lifting mechanism. This makes it useful for transporting soil, rock, mulch, firewood, and more.

  • Gooseneck Trailer

    The defining trait of a gooseneck trailer is how it's hooked to a vehicle. Gooseneck trailers utilize a "gooseneck" hitch that attaches to the middle of the pulling truck's bed. This offers superior stability and maneuverability as opposed to "bumper pull" or fifth-wheel trailers. Gooseneck trailers generally require at least a ¾ ton truck to pull them.

Utility and equipment trailers mix and match the names they use – what one person calls a flatbed trailer another calls an equipment trailer and still another calls a utility trailer (never mind cargo trailers and equipment trailers being essentially the same thing).

Regardless of what you call the trailers you need, Crest Capital is happy to provide you with fast, hassle-free trailer financing. We have more than 30 years of experience financing equipment and utility trailers, and can get you the trailers you want from the seller of your choice. All within a matter of hours, without paperwork or restrictions. Put us to work for you today!

Key Benefits of Financing Utility and Equipment Trailers With Crest Capital.

In addition to the practical work advantages new or used utility and equipment trailers provides your company, financing your trailer with Crest Capital offers some key benefits:

Orange thumbs up icon Superior Cash Flow

Financing a utility and equipment trailer with Crest Capital gets you the trailer you need without a large cash outlay. You'll make low monthly payments while the trailer is out in the field, moving your equipment and delivering your goods, which earns you more revenue.

Orange thumbs up icon Financing Used Utility and Equipment Trailers is No Problem

Crest Capital separates itself from its competitors by offering financing for both used and new utility and equipment trailers. Further, Crest Capital does not have age restrictions on used trailers. We understand that sometimes the best deal is a used utility and equipment trailer, and if you find one you want, we can finance it.

Orange thumbs up icon Buy Your Trailer from a Private Party Seller or a Dealer

Crest Capital also stands out as one of the only lenders willing to finance utility and equipment trailers from private sellers. Most lenders won't even consider this. Crest Capital can do what our competitors usually don’t offer, and further, we provide the same great rates and fast service as if you bought from a dealer.

Orange thumbs up icon Financing an Equipment and Utility Trailer Has Tax Advantages

Equipment and Utility Trailers used in business typically qualify for generous tax deductions like Section 179 and Bonus Depreciation. Crest Capital's fast, hassle-free financing lets you take full advantage of these.

Orange thumbs up icon Get The Equipment and Utility Trailer You Truly Need

Want a trailer that's more than you want to spend this quarter?". Financing your trailer with Crest Capital allows you to get the trailer that suits your needs, not the one your current bank account tells you to purchase.

Orange thumbs up icon You Can Customize Your Equipment and Utility Trailer

Equipment and utility trailers can have options to make them more useful, like side rails, different tow hitches, lighting options, ramps, and more. And Crest Capital will let you include them in your trailer financing deal.

5-star rating

Extremely easy to work with. Better rates than my local bank. Will definitely check them out first in the future when looking for equipment purchases.

Getting Equipment and Utility Trailer Financing with Crest Capital Is Easy.

  • Our Simple "No Paperwork" Application is Legendary

    Crest Capital perfected the process of easy financing applications. One quick online form is all we need for deals under $250k. And we don't need to see your tax returns or financial statements either.

  • The Best Fixed Rates

    Our rates are not only low but also fixed. So there are no surprises for you – your rate will lock in and never increase during the loan term.

  • Forget Blanket Liens and Restrictive Covenants

    Crest Capital, unlike banks, does not utilize blanket liens. There are also no minimum bank balances, and you won't have to requalify for the loan annually. Instead, we loan you the funds to purchase the trailer you need and otherwise leave your assets and finances alone.

  • Fast Approval Times

    Nobody likes to wait for a loan approval, so we'll get you an answer fast. Most equipment and utility trailer loans and leases can be approved in hours, not days.

Equipment and Utility Trailer Financing and Leasing FAQ

What are the current rates for financing an Equipment and Utility Trailer?

Financing rates for equipment and utility trailers may vary based on factors such as the current federal funds rate, borrower's credit, terms and length of the deal, and other details. But all factors being equal, Crest Capital's rates are very competitive compared to typical bank rates. One big difference is Crest Capital's rate doesn't come with restrictive liens and covenants, which is a big win for your company.

Is it possible to finance, title, and insure an equipment and utility trailer under my company's name?

Absolutely. And financing, titling, and insuring your equipment and utility trailer in your company name has several benefits. Chief amongst them is your personal and business expenses are separated. You will also enjoy better / higher-limit coverage, and better tax advantages, while your business enhances its credit profile.

What business advantages do equipment and utility trailers have?

Taking on one or more equipment and utility trailers allows your company to be more versatile in its offerings and logistics. Quite simply, you can do more because you can carry more.

What are the loan and lease options available for equipment and utility trailers?

A Titled Finance Agreement (TVA) is likely your best bet if you wish to finance an equipment and utility trailer. This fixed-rate loan is usually taken out for between 36 and 72 months. In addition, your company owns the trailer, which allows you to take business tax deductions and/or depreciate it.

Some companies (typically larger corporations) may prefer not to have the trailer appear on their balance sheet. For those companies, a TRAC lease is the best bet. A TRAC lease keeps the trailer off the balance sheet, as it is not technically "owned". While depreciation is not possible in this case, the lease payments may be written off as an expense.

Besides the TVA and TRAC Lease, Crest Capital offers other trailer loan and lease agreements.

Can used equipment and utility trailers be financed?

Certainly! Crest Capital is one of the few lenders who will finance used equipment and utility trailers. And unlike competing lenders, Crest Capital has no age limits on used equipment and utility trailers.

Is it possible to finance equipment and utility trailers purchased from a private seller?

Yes. Crest Capital works with dealers and private sellers, so you can buy your equipment and utility trailer from any seller you wish. Of course, most competing lenders will not even consider a private party financing deal, but Crest Capital does, and offers you the same excellent service as well.

Can I add customization to equipment and utility trailer financing?

Absolutely. Crest Capital will loan you more than the base sticker price, so if you want to customize your equipment and utility trailer, we can include the options in the overall financing deal.

How fast will I be approved for equipment and utility trailer financing?

Crest Capital has the fastest approvals in the industry. We can approve your equipment and utility trailer financing in hours, not days.

How can I determine if I qualify for equipment and utility trailer financing?

Qualifying is easy! To determine your company’s eligibility, click any of the orange "check your eligibility instantly" buttons and follow the provided instructions.

Enclosed Trailer Financing
Enclosed trailers perform pretty much the same basic function as other trailers. They allow for the hauling of items. Businesses love enclosed trailers due to their ability to protect items inside from outside elements such as wind, extreme heat, and/or rain. Because they can be expensive, many companies look into financing enclosed trailers.
Flat Bed Trailer Financing
Flatbed trailers come in different configurations, but typically do the same work as other trailers (haul items from place to place). Flatbed trailers allow for loads to be safely distributed usually over a wide area thus increasing its safety. Businesses needing these trailers prefer to look into financing flatbed trailers.
Gooseneck Trailer Financing
A Gooseneck trailer is a trailer that performs the same functions as other trailers (allow for the movement of property from place to place) – however, Gooseneck trailers attach to a truck's cab as opposed to the bumper to allow for more stability. Businesses needing these expensive trailers prefer to look into financing gooseneck trailer.
Open Trailer Financing
Open trailers perform the same function as many other trailers - they allow for the hauling of payloads. Open trailers usually have no roof, and are spread out more to allow for safe distribution of payloads. Businesses wishing to avoid upfront cash flow issues choose to finance open trailers.
Lowboy Trailer Financing
Lowboy trailers are trailers that are low to the ground. They still perform the same functions of other trailers but are used mainly to haul heavy and bulky equipment. Due to their cost, businesses wishing to avoid upfront payments choose trailer leasing to finance lowboy trailers.

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