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Looking to finance new or used buses, shuttles, mini-buses, shuttle vans, tour buses, wheelchair accessible vehicles, trams, and more? Crest Capital has got you covered for fast, easy financing that will get you rolling!

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For the safe, comfortable, and efficient transportation of multiple people, large vehicles with expanded seating capacities – yes, we're talking about buses or shuttles – are a must. But here's the catch – there's a wide range of buses and shuttles, each designed for distinct purposes. From the school bus ferrying kids, the airport shuttle, the tour bus, to the open-air shuttle bus or tram delivering passengers to an amusement park's front gate, each vehicle type has unique roles.

Yet, there's one thing in common across all types of buses and shuttles – if your business needs them, Crest Capital is here to extend the new or used transport vehicle financing you seek. Our application process is as simple as it gets, our rates and terms are top-notch, and we're able to finance just about any bus or shuttle – yes, that includes used buses or shuttles from a private seller! With more than three decades of lending expertise to small businesses, we're your best bet regardless of the type of bus or shuttle you're looking to finance.

  • Shuttle Buses

    We’ll include airport shuttle buses and hotel shuttle buses here, as those are two common uses for a shuttle bus. These buses vary in size, and provide seamless transportation between airport terminals, parking lots, hotels, and other transportation hubs. They include seating for passengers, but also have ample space and compartments for luggage, and may even have ramps for easy access.

  • Mini-Buses

    Mini-buses, also referred to as "mid-size buses", are popular among businesses and organizations that require comfortable, secure transportation for small to mid-sized groups. These versatile vehicles are used by various industries, including corporate transportation, event management, hospitality, and tourism. Being smaller, they are easier to maneuver, giving them an advantage in getting around crowded areas.

  • Trams

    Part bus, part shuttle, trams are open-air people movers (in fact, they are sometimes called that). You’ll often see them utilized at amusement parks or other venues with large parking areas and are typically used to transport people to and from the parking area to the entrance, or to shuttle them around the grounds. They are designed for quick entry and exit, and while many are drivable, you may also see several “tram trailers” being pulled by a lead vehicle.

  • Shuttle Vans

    A smaller version of a shuttle bus, these vehicles can resemble a large SUV or passenger van. Many have seating for 6-12 passengers, with space left over for luggage and cargo, and are used by many industries: you will find hotel shuttle vans, resort shuttle vans, airport shuttle vans, and even commuter shuttle vans. And depending on size and passenger capacity, they may not require anything more than a typical driver’s license to operate (check local and state laws of course).

  • Tour Buses

    Tour buses, also called "sightseeing buses" or "guided tour coaches" are widely used by the tourism and travel industry. These buses are specifically designed to provide guided tours and sightseeing experiences, and may include an open-air second deck, panoramic windows, and advanced audio systems for better narrative description by tour guides.

  • School Buses

    School buses serve as the primary mode of transportation for students, safely shuttling them to and from schools. They have spacious seating and rigorous safety features, many having ample emergency exits and pop-out windows. They are used by schools large and small, public, and private, and by some businesses and sports organizations.

  • Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

    Wheelchair-accessible vehicles (also referred to as “WAV’s”, "accessible vans", or "mobility vehicles") play a crucial role in providing transportation solutions for individuals with disabilities, either permanent or temporary. You’ll find them used by hospitals and other healthcare facilities, senior care / assisted living facilities and nursing homes, as well as rehabilitation centers. With features like ramps, lifts, and spacious interiors, these vehicles ensure safe and convenient transportation for those who need assistance.

  • Paratransit Vehicles

    Also known as "demand-responsive transportation" or "specialized transit vehicles," these vehicles cater to the transportation needs of individuals with disabilities or special needs. They differ slightly from the above WAVs in use – while most WAVs are utilized from a fixed point (a nursing home/etc.), a paratransit vehicle is typically deployed “on demand” by a government agency or a transportation business.

There are many, many flavors of buses and shuttles, all satisfying different needs. But they have two things in common: the main goal is the transportation of people, and they can be financed or leased by Crest Capital. We have more than 30 years of experience financing buses and shuttles and can provide you with the funds to get the business vehicle you need from the seller of your choice! All without reams of paperwork or waiting days for an answer. Click the button and we’ll get to work!

There are Numerous Benefits to Financing Buses and Shuttles with Crest Capital.

Besides the utility and passenger moving capabilities a new or used bus or shuttle provides your organization, financing your bus or shuttle purchase with Crest Capital offers some key business-related advantages as well:

Orange thumbs up icon Low Payments = Greater Cash Flow

When you finance a bus or shuttle with Crest Capital, your rate is low, and your terms are favorable. This means your monthly payment fits seamlessly into your budget, while your new (or new to you) bus or shuttle serves your customers better. This helps keep your cash flow positive.

Orange thumbs up icon Crest Capital Can Finance Used Buses and Shuttles

How many times have you seen a repurposed school bus or shuttle or tram? The fact is that using buses and shuttles makes good sense to many companies and organizations. Crest Capital understand this and can happily finance a used bus or shuttle (as well as a new one), with the same great service!

Orange thumbs up icon We Can Also Finance Buses and Shuttles from Private Party Sellers

Sometimes the best deal on a bus or shuttle is not from a dealer or manufacturer – it’s from a private party seller. Most lenders will not consider a deal like this, but Crest Capital will. Bring us your private party bus or shuttle finance deal – we’ll give it the same attention as if you were at the dealer!

Orange thumbs up icon There Are Fantastic Tax Advantages When Financing a Bus or Shuttle

A business or organization financing buses and shuttles can take advantage of generous “business-only” tax deductions, like Section 179 and Bonus Depreciation. And Crest Capital’s financing fits right in – you can still take your fully allotted business-use tax deduction while making monthly payments.

Orange thumbs up icon Get The Exact Model or Type of Bus and Shuttle You Need

Many times a company will look at pricing and choose their second or third most desired model due to budget concerns. But with Crest Capital’s low rates and manageable monthly payments, you don’t need to settle. You can get the right bus or shuttle for your people-transportation needs.

Orange thumbs up icon Customize Your Bus or Shuttle – We’ll Add It in to Your Payment!

Not only can we loan you the full sticker price of your bus or shuttle, we can add extras into the finance deal if you wish. Soft costs like taxes and delivery can be added in, but we can also let you get your bus or shuttle customized and add it into the payment (a full 25% of the loan can be soft costs and extras). So order the “tricked out” package – we can still finance it!

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Just closed on an equipment financing loan with Crest Capital and had a great experience start-to-finish. The team was incredibly responsive and professional, and the process was streamlined and straightforward. I highly recommend them as a lending resource and look forward to expanding our partnership with them through future investments in our business.

Easy Bus and Shuttle Financing with Crest Capital. Super Easy!

  • Our "No Paperwork" Application Is the Industry Leader

    Crest Capital has the easiest application in the lending industry – one quick online form, and if your deal is under $250k, we won’t need to look at your financial statements or tax returns (you can leave them in storage where they belong).

  • Our Fixed Rates Are Excellent

    Our rates are amongst the lowest in the industry as well. And better still, they are fixed rates. So you lock in for a great rate for the entirety of your loan term, without the rate ever increasing.

  • No Blanket Liens or Business-Limiting Covenants

    Unlike banks and other competitors, Crest Capital does not intrude into your financials or your assets. We do not use blanket liens, nor do we require minimum bank balances or annual loan requalification. With Crest Capital on your side, you’re free to run your business your way!

  • Lightning-Fast Approvals

    Waiting for your loan approval is stressful, so Crest Capital will get you an answer quickly. Most new and used bus and shuttle deals can be approved in hours.

Bus and Shuttle Financing FAQ

What is the rate for financing a Bus or Shuttle?

Rates for financing buses and shuttles vary based on several factors: the federal funds rate, credit scores, the make and model of the bus or shuttle financed, and many more. But at the end of the day Crest Capital's rates are extremely comparable to the bank’s rate. However, a big benefit to you is Crest Capital won’t have blanket liens and other restrictions like the bank will.

Can I title and insure a bus or shuttle in my company name?

You sure can! And having your financed bus or shuttle titled and insured in your company name has benefits, like keeping your business and personal expenses separate. You can also take advantage of higher commercial coverage limits (important for passenger transport.)

What advantages does a financed bus or shuttle offer my company?

Creating (or increasing) your bus or shuttle fleet allows you to better serve your customers. And if you can do this for low monthly payments, all the better.

What loan and lease options are there for buses and shuttles?

If you are looking to finance buses and shuttles, a Titled Finance Agreement (also called a TVA) is excellent for most companies. This is a simple fixed rate term loan, with the length of the loan being between 36 and 72 months (which affects the payment. Longer term = lower payment). Another benefit is your company owns the bus or shuttle, which can allow you to take generous business-only tax deductions and depreciation.

Some larger companies and organizations may wish to avoid ownership and keep financed buses and shuttles off the balance sheet. For those entities, a TRAC lease is optimal as it keeps the vehicles off the balance sheet. While depreciation cannot be taken, the company can write off the lease payments, which is a good consolation prize.

Besides the TVA and TRAC Lease, Crest Capital offers otherbus and shuttle loan and lease agreements.

Can I finance used buses and shuttles?

Of course you can! Unlike most lenders, Crest Capital can finance used buses and shuttles. Better still, there are no age limits on the used vehicles we finance.

Can I finance buses and shuttles from a private seller?

Yes you can. Crest Capital is happy to consider bus and shuttle financing deals from private sellers as well as dealers. So you can buy your bus or shuttle from the seller of your choice, and look to Crest Capital for the financing.

Can I add customization to a bus or shuttle financing deal?

Yes, and this is a big advantage of working with Crest Capital. We can lend you more than the sticker price, so you can get your buses and shuttles customized to better suit your passenger’s needs.

How fast is the approval for a bus or shuttle loan?

Is a few hours ok? Because that’s how fast we approve most bus and shuttle financing deals.

How do I qualify for bus and shuttle financing?

Checking to see if you qualify for bus and shuttle financing is easy. Simply click any of the “check your eligibility instantly” buttons on this page.

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