Financing for Tractor Trailers: Exclusively for Non-Transportation Industry Businesses

Crest Capital is the go-to finance company for non-transportation industry companies seeking to establish or increase their delivery fleets with new or used semi-trucks, dry van trailers, flatbed trailers, refrigerated trailers, and more! For businesses that require tractor trailers to haul their own goods, we offer fast, no-hassle financing tailored to your needs!

*Note: Crest Capital specializes in financing tractor trailers exclusively for companies outside the transportation industry. We cannot finance tractor trailers for owner-operators or trucking companies.

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Strengthen Your Company’s Logistics and Deliveries with New and Used Tractor Trailer Financing from Crest Capital!

An increasing number of non-transportation industry companies — manufacturers, distributors, and others — are taking control of their logistics and deliveries by relying on their own fleets of tractor trailers. This control allows businesses to increase efficiency, reduce delivery times, and provide superior service, all while bolstering brand visibility. A semi-truck proudly bearing your company's name delivers a clear statement about your business' commitment to excellence.

Crest Capital, with our experience exceeding 30 years in financing tractor trailers, can support you in acquiring the type of tractor trailer you need – even if it's a used semi from a private seller! Our application process is seamless, our approvals are swift, and our focus is always on non-transportation industry companies who use their own fleets to deliver their goods. Let us take the wheel and secure the tractor trailer financing you need.

  • Semi-Trucks

    Sometimes called tractor trailers, 18-wheelers, rigs, big rigs, or even just “semi” for short, a semi-truck is really two different components. You have the “tractor” part (called a tractor unit) that is the engine, which then pulls a trailer, which could one of several builds.

  • Tractor Unit

    This is the “tractor” part of a tractor trailer. It’s a fully powered vehicle (usually diesel powered) and comes in two main configurations: cabover and conventional. Cabovers are widely used in Europe and feature the driver sitting forward over the front axle. The conventional style is mostly used in the USA and features a more common forward engine with a hood, with the engine over the front axle. Both styles can contain sleeping compartments for long-haul driving. Tractor units are sometimes identified by their manufacturer (Freightliner, Kenworth, Peterbilt, Volvo, etc.), and typically pull one of the following trailer configurations, which are usually attached via fifth-wheel.

  • Dry van trailers

    Also referred to as “semi-trailers”, Dry Van trailers are fully enclosed trailers, complete with a deck and wheels. Being enclosed with lockable doors, they are ideal for shipping, and often carry palletized goods. They come in varying lengths, from 23’ to 53’ and even larger in some cases. They are your classic “trailer” component to a tractor trailer.

  • Flatbed trailers

    These are long, flat trailers with a deck and wheels, but without permanent walls, roofs, or doors. They are ideal for “oversize” loads that will not fit into a container-type trailer. Some models can have temporary walls, and most have ample tie down points to secure cargo. Like other trailers, their lengths can vary, all the way up to 53’ and beyond.

  • Container trailers

    Have you ever looked at a shipping container on a ship or barge and said “that almost looks like the back of a tractor trailer”. You would not be far off. In fact, in many cases, a shipping container trailer is lowered onto and secured to a flatbed trailer right at the dock and driven to where it needs to go. Container trailers have no wheels and are usually a little shorter in length than their dry van cousins.

  • Refrigerated trailers

    Take your classic dry van trailer, add refrigeration and climate control insulation, and you have a refrigerated trailer. These are sometimes referred to as “reefers” and are used for hauling perishable goods or other goods that need a temperature-controlled climate.

  • Lowboy trailers

    This is a quasi-flatbed trailer. The difference is the middle of the deck drops low, giving a secure space to transport large vehicles and heavy machinery more safely. Also, the lower deck height allows taller loads to be safely/legally transported.

As you can see, there are numerous types of tractor trailers to suit almost any type of delivery need. If your non-transportation industry company requires one, Crest Capital is here to finance it. We have over 30 years of experience in financing tractor trailers specifically for companies that use them for their own goods delivery. We can provide you with the funds quickly, requiring minimal paperwork or waiting. Unlike many others, we don't impose blanket liens or other restrictions. Click the button below to check your eligibility today.

Financing Tractor Trailers with Crest Capital Has 18-Wheels Worth of Benefits!

Your organization will truly benefit by acquiring new or used tractor trailers for its own use. But did you know that financing your tractor trailer purchase with Crest Capital has great benefits as well?

Orange thumbs-up icon signifying a positive point or advantage Low Monthly Payments = Better Cash Flow

When you finance your tractor trailers with Crest Capital, you take advantage of our low rates and terms, which equals a more manageable monthly payment. Since your newly acquired tractor trailers immediately help increase your revenue, your cash flow is improved from day one.

Orange thumbs-up icon signifying a positive point or advantage Crest Capital Can Finance Used Tractor Trailers as Well as New

Sometimes the best deal on a tractor trailer for your non-transportation industry company is a used model. Crest Capital understands this, and we can finance your used tractor trailer. Better still, in most cases, there are no age or model year restrictions.

Orange thumbs-up icon signifying a positive point or advantage We Can Also Finance Tractor Trailers from Private Sellers

"Found a great tractor trailer from a private party seller for your business that isn't primarily focused on transportation or logistics?"

Orange thumbs-up icon signifying a positive point or advantage Financing a Tractor Trailer has Excellent Tax Advantages

Tractor trailers are almost always full business use, so you can take advantage of special tax deductions, like Section 179 and Bonus Depreciation. Crest Capital’s no-hassle financing is perfect for this and allows you to take the maximum depreciation deductions you’re entitled to, while only making monthly payments.

Orange thumbs-up icon signifying a positive point or advantage Get The Type of Tractor Trailer You Really Need

Tractor Trailers are amongst the priciest vehicles a company will purchase. This makes many companies look at the sticker prices and settle. But with Crest Capital’s low monthly payments on your side, there is no need to look at “second best” – you can choose the tractor trailer model you really want.

Orange thumbs-up icon signifying a positive point or advantage Customize Your Tractor Trailer and Add it To Your Finance Deal

There are a lot of options available with Tractor Trailers. And Crest will allow you to add those into the financing (we’ll also finance soft costs like taxes and delivery). In fact, a full 25% of your loan can be for add-ons and soft costs. So go ahead and get the upgraded sleeper cab for more driver comfort – your people deserve it!

Five-star rating icon showcasing high quality service

From start to finish, our experience with Crest Capital has been tremendous. Mike and his colleagues made sure we felt comfortable with the process and made certain we understood all the terms and conditions. Follow up calls and emails were appreciated. We plan on using them for future service line financing and will recommend Crest Capital to our business partners and friends.


Financing Tractor Trailers with Crest Capital Is Easy!

At Crest Capital, we pride ourselves on offering easy and swift financing solutions. Our services are specifically tailored to businesses outside of the transportation sector that need tractor trailers for their own goods delivery. These can include industries such as manufacturing, retail, construction, and more. Please note, we do not provide financing solutions for transportation/trucking companies or owner-operators.

  • You’ll Love Our Simple "No Paperwork" Application

    We have the easiest and most straightforward application of any business lender – one simple online form, and if your loan is less than $250k, we won’t need to see your financials or tax returns (no need to spend an evening digging them out!)

  • Fixed Rates are Best

    We have great rates, and the cherry on top is they are also fixed rates. This means you lock in, and the rate will never increase during your loan term. There are no surprises with Crest Capital.

  • No Blanket Liens or Other Business-Restricting Covenants

    Most other lenders will slap a blanket lien on everything you own, and also insist you keep a certain amount in a bank account. Crest Capital does not do this – your loan is secured by the item you are acquiring, and that’s it. We’ll leave the rest of your financials to you (as it should be).

  • The Industry’s Fastest Approval Time

    Waiting for a tractor trailer financing decision is tedious, so we won’t make you wait. Most new and used tractor trailer financing deals can be approved the same business day.

  • Focus on Non-Transportation Companies

    We understand the unique needs of companies outside the transportation industry and have designed our services to meet those specific needs.

Tractor Trailer Financing FAQ

What is the rate for financing a tractor trailer?

Tractor trailer financing rates vary depending on several circumstances: the current federal funds rate, the tractor (or trailer) type, credit scores, and more. Crest Capital’s rates are extremely competitive with the best bank rates, and our rates are fixed, so you can rest assured that your monthly payments will remain stable for the entire loan term.

What advantages does a tractor trailer offer my company?

Easy one – taking control of your deliveries and/or logistics with your own fleet of tractor trailers offers much better delivery times and customer service. For manufacturers and similar, there is nothing quite like being able to deliver your goods in your own company truck. It also allows faster transport of goods between your locations – getting a machine from location X to location Y is easier when the tractor trailer is yours.

What companies does Crest Capital finance tractor trailers for?

Almost any company or organization NOT in the transportation industry. This means manufacturers, distributors, corporations, small businesses… we can help most companies that can benefit from owning a tractor trailer for their own goods. The only companies we do NOT finance tractor trailers for are transportation/trucking companies and owner operators.

What loan and lease options can be used for tractor trailers?

If you are looking to finance a tractor trailer, we recommend a Titled Finance Agreement (also called a TVA) for most companies. This is a standard fixed rate term loan taken out for between 36 and 72 months. A large benefit of the TVA is your company owns the tractor trailer, meaning you can take advantage of generous business tax deductions and depreciation.

Some larger companies and organizations may wish to keep tractor trailers off the balance sheet. For those corporations, a TRAC lease is a solid option, as then the company does not own the vehicle. This takes away depreciation and other deductions but does allow the lease payments themselves to be written off as an expense.

Besides TVA and TRAC, Crest Capital offers several business vehicle lease and loan agreements that can satisfy any requirement.

Can I finance a used tractor trailer?

With Crest Capital you can! Unlike competing lenders, Crest Capital can finance used tractor trailers. And in most instances, there is no age limit or model year restriction.

Can I finance a tractor trailer from a private seller?

Yes. Crest Capital is one of the only lenders who can finance a tractor trailer from a private seller.

Can I add options to a financed tractor trailer?

Yes. Crest Capital will finance more than the sticker price, allowing you to add in the options you really want. We can also finance the soft costs, like taxes and delivery.

How fast can I be approved for a tractor trailer loan?

With Crest Capital, most tractor trailer financing deals can be approved within a matter of hours.

How do I qualify for tractor trailer financing?

It’s easy. Simply click any of the “check your eligibility instantly” buttons on this page and follow the simple instructions. Crest Capital, your trusted partner in tractor trailer financing specifically tailored to non-transportation industry companies. Keep On Truckin’!

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Remember, Crest Capital is here to finance tractor trailers specifically for companies outside the transportation industry that need them for their own goods delivery. We do not provide financing solutions for transportation/trucking companies or owner-operators.

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