Financing Solutions for Light Cargo Vehicles

From cargo vans to box trucks, delivery vehicles, and many others, Crest Capital has the light cargo vehicle financing solutions you are looking for. Secure the perfect truck or van tailored to your business needs with our quick no-hassle financing options.

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Get Hauling with the Perfect Light Cargo Vehicle (Financed or Leased with Crest Capital!)

Businesses across diverse industries rely on light cargo vehicles in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Consider factors like cargo type and transportation purpose to determine the optimal light cargo vehicle for your company. With Crest Capital financing, you can acquire any of these vehicle types and more:

  • Pickup Trucks

    Ranging from common work trucks like the Ford F150, Chevy Silverado, and Ram 1500 to super-heavy-duty models, pickup trucks offer versatile hauling capabilities, making them a popular choice for various construction and service companies.

  • Cargo Vans

    With numerous shapes, sizes, and configurations, cargo vans like the Ford Transit and Ram Promaster can be customized to suit your specific needs, including custom shelving and racking built right in.

  • Panel Vans

    Built on car chassis, panel vans are smaller in capacity and power compared to cargo vans. They are easier to maneuver, making them ideal for light delivery services such as auto parts store deliveries to auto repair shops.

  • Box Trucks

    Offering a separate cab and spacious cargo area, box trucks provide easy operation and added flexibility. Ideal for many small businesses, they don't require a CDL license if under 26,000lbs GVW, making them an affordable delivery solution.

  • Step Vans

    Perfect for fast deliveries, step vans like those used by UPS and FedEx offer easy driver access and a hybrid design between a van and a box truck. They are commonly used by bread and snack/beverage companies for deliveries as well.

  • Light-Duty Dump Trucks

    With capacities up to 14,000 pounds (6,350 kilograms), light-duty dump trucks are perfect for smaller construction and landscaping jobs, offering a more affordable option than heavy-duty counterparts.

  • Flatbed trucks

    Offering a versatile open cargo area, flatbed trucks can carry a wide range of items, including bulky or oddly shaped cargo. They are ideal for transporting construction materials, equipment, and large appliances.

  • Refrigerated Trucks

    Ideal for transporting perishable goods in smaller quantities, light-duty refrigerated trucks are a practical alternative to larger 18-wheelers, offering modifications such as insulation and refrigerants.

There's other types of light cargo trucks and vans available, and many vehicles fit into more than one category. But the best part is, we don’t mind what you (or anyone else) call it – if you have a need for a new or used light cargo vehicle, financing and leasing options are just a quick click away!"

Top Advantages of Financing Light Cargo Vehicles with Crest Capital.

There are several key advantages of financing and/or leasing light cargo vehicles for your business:

 Cash Flow Benefits

Financing a light cargo vehicle with monthly payments (as opposed to buying outright with cash) can increase cash flow from day one, as the revenue earned often exceeds the payment amount, allowing you to immediately boost your capacities in the field or deliver more goods.

 Tax Advantages of Financing a Light Cargo Vehicle

Most light cargo vehicles qualify for maximum business tax deductions, like Section 179 and Bonus Depreciation. Our financing solutions align with these deductions, allowing you to take full advantage of them.

 Choose The Light Cargo Vehicle You Truly Want

Financing or leasing empowers your company to select the model that best meets your needs, without being limited by your current cash reserves in the bank. No compromises – you won’t have to settle for a smaller cargo van when you really want (and need) the box truck.

 Used Vehicle Financing = Ok

One of the big advantages Crest Capital’s customers have is we will finance used light cargo vehicles. If you find a gem of a pickup or box truck that happens to be older, let us know. Chances are we can finance it without issue.

 Buy from Any Seller (Even Private Party Sellers)

Did you find a great light duty dump truck or pickup offered by a private seller? If so, Crest would be glad to explore financing options for you.

 Customization Options

Crest Capital can lend you more than the sticker price to account for the customization you require, making your light cargo vehicle even more useful for your business needs. From shelving and racks in cargo vans to a box truck's side panels, or side rails for a flatbed truck, the customization possibilities for light cargo vehicles are nearly endless.

Experience the Benefits of Crest Capital’s New and Used Light Cargo Vehicle Financing and Leasing

  • Easy Online Application / No Paperwork

    For light cargo vehicle loans under $250k, we only need one quick online form. No other paperwork is necessary.

  • Fixed Rates

    You’ll lock into a great rate that won’t change throughout the term of your lease or loan.

  • No Blanket Liens or Other Restrictive Covenants

    No company wants a blanket lien on all their assets just because they wanted to finance a few pickup trucks or a cargo van. It’s intrusive and unnecessary. And unlike most lenders, Crest Capital won’t do that.

  • Fast Approvals

    Nobody is faster than Crest Capital. We can approve most light cargo vehicle loans in a few hours, streamlining the process for you

Light Cargo Vehicle Financing FAQs

What are the rates for financing a light cargo vehicle?

Rates for financing a light cargo vehicle vary based on factors such as credit profile, loan term, financing type, and current market conditions. At Crest Capital, our rates are always competitive with typical bank rates, and a big advantage is our rates are fixed, which allows you to lock in without worrying your rate will ever rise.

Can the light cargo vehicle be financed, titled and Insured in my company name?

Yes, your work vehicle will be financed, titled and insured in your company name providing a host of advantages, from business/personal expense separation to tax deductions to better insurance coverage from commercial policies.

What are the main advantages of a light cargo vehicle?

Cost, ease of operation, and the fact that many light cargo vehicles don't require a CDL license are key advantages making them more accessible to a wider range of drivers and businesses.

What leases and loans are available for light cargo vehicles?

Crest Capital offers a wide variety of lease and loan types, as well as varying terms to suit your specific needs.

For financing a light cargo vehicle, the TVA (titled finance agreement) makes a lot of sense. This is a common fixed-rate term loan usually taken out for between 36 and 72 months. The advantages to this include fixed rates, full ownership of the vehicle, and eligibility for tax deductions that come with ownership.

Another less common option that is sometimes preferred by larger companies is the TRAC lease, which keeps the vehicle off your company’s balance sheet (which can be important to some companies). This takes away depreciation deductions but allows for the deduction of lease payments.

Crest Capital has other light cargo vehicle lease and loan agreements as well.

Can my business finance a used light cargo vehicle?

Yes, Crest Capital offers financing options for both new and used light cargo vehicles.

Can a light cargo vehicle from a private seller be financed?

Yes, Crest Capital allows you to finance light cargo vehicles from any seller, including private party sellers. This flexibility lets you find the right vehicle for your business without being restricted to dealer-only options.

Is it possible to finance customization options for light cargo vehicles?

Yes, in certain scenarios, Crest Capital may even lend your business more than the sticker price to cover the customization costs you require.

How fast can my business get approved for cargo vehicle financing?

Crest Capital is known for fast approvals. Most light cargo vehicle loans or leases can be approved in just a few hours, allowing you to quickly obtain the vehicle you need for your business.

How Do I Qualify for Light Cargo Vehicle Financing?

Click any of the “check your eligibility instantly” buttons on this page to see if you qualify.

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