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Check Your Eligibility for Printing and Packaging Equipment Financing with Crest Capital
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When financing printing and packaging equipment, it is essential to keep an eye on the future. Newer technologies, particularly in the areas of design and production, have changed the graphic arts industry. Computers and high-end laser printers have made "print on demand" a reality, while the need for traditional ink-based offset printing remains as strong as ever.

The more a financing company (like Crest Capital) understands about your graphic arts business, the better service they can offer you when it comes time to finance printing, publishing and packaging equipment. In fact, one of the key components to a speedy approval is a clear understanding of how the equipment will benefit your business, and help you increase profits.

With decades of experience in financing printing and packaging equipment, as well as our simple application process and quick approval time, Crest Capital can make graphic arts equipment financing a snap. Contact us today to learn more.

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Check Your Eligibility for Printing and Packaging Equipment Financing with Crest Capital
Binding Machine Financing
Binding machines have become an integral part of the printing business, and with new technology and "print on demand" services, the need for binding machines is only growing. Crest Capital helps meet this need by providing binding machine financing for companies of all sizes.
Cutter Financing
In the printing business, cutters refer to a particular type of printers – mainly vinyl and sign printers and plotters (where the printing is done on a continuous sheet, and then "cut" when finished.) These are specialty machines, and are fairly new in scope (almost always using computer technology.) Crest Capital specializes in financing cutting printers, no matter what type you need.
Digital Printer Financing
Digital printers have been around for more than two decades, and nobody could have predicted their impact on business. Especially from the higher-end models. Sophisticated technology has allowed true "print on demand" capability, and businesses are taking advantage. And Crest Capital is helping by providing digital printer financing for companies nationwide.
Laminating Machine Financing
Laminating Machines come in many different shapes and sizes. There are smaller pouch laminators, pouch film laminators, roll laminators (some going up to 60+ inches!) foliant laminators, cold laminators, and more. Crest Capital offers financing for all of these laminating machines, regardless of type.
Large Format Printer Financing
As technology has advanced, large format printers (sometimes called wide-format printers) have found their way into not only printing shops, but also into the marketing and art departments of corporations. Thus, large scale printer financing becomes a need, one that Crest Capital is ready to address.
Packaging Equipment Financing
Packaging equipment can range from conveyor-belt based packaging machines to drive-able pallet wrapping machines (which are exceptionally fun to use, we might add!) And everything in between – the scope is quite diverse. In fact, the biggest common thread that these packaging equipment devices have is that Crest Capital provides the financing for all of them.
Platemaking Equipment Financing
For the printing industry, there are many various types of plates and processes for making them - there are offset plates, gravure plate, or even photogelatin plates. Technology has made great inroads here, and plate making equipment has become rather varied. And Crest Capital finances all of it.
Printing Press Financing
Printing Presses have come a long way in the several hundred years they've been around. Although the basic premise of a printing press remains fundamentally the same, today's printers are faster and easier to use, and are even capable of interacting with computer technology. These advances make financing printing presses a definite need.
Scanner Financing
In a mere decade, scanner technology has become so advanced that paperless offices have become a reality. But the best commercial scanners are still fairly expensive, making scanner financing something that Crest Capital offers to companies nationwide.
Typesetting Equipment Financing
Typesetting equipment reaches back about 200 years (with hot metal machines), and has advanced steadily through today, where laser technology is now the norm. As printers sought these new advances, and found new and better ways to set type, the need for typesetting equipment financing arose.

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