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Platemaking equipment has benefited greatly from technology over the years. What once was simply metal and solvents can now (depending on the particular machine) sometimes be referred to as a "Thermal Laser Gravure System". But the premise is the same, and companies in the printing industry (and those outside of it who have their own in-house print capabilities) rely heavily on platemaking equipment. This means they also rely heavily on platemaking equipment financing.

Crest Capital has seen the changes in the way items are printed, and we've been there to finance these changes. Whether financing platemaking equipment or helping businesses purchase a new thermal printing system, we're the equipment finance company of choice when it comes to platemaking equipment financing. With our simple application process and a response time that's measured in hours, we're ready to finance your platemaking equipment today. Contact us today to learn more.

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Check Your Eligibility for Platemaking Equipment Financing  with Crest Capital
Prepress Equipment Financing
When the printing and packaging industry speaks about prepress equipment, they're referring to all the equipment used before a project goes to print. Examples of prepress equipment can include: scanners, cameras, proofing presses, and typesetting machines. Due to the potential high cost, prepress equipment financing with Crest Capital just makes business sense.
Direct Laser Engraving Systems Financing
Platemaking has recently seen the addition of lasers. A direct laser engraving system includes computer assistance and is able to engrave exact designs with great speed and usually at a lower cost. If you want to get this platemaking equipment quick and easy then consider financing direct laser engraving systems.
Digital Imaging System Financing
Digital imaging systems refer to creating an image of a physical object into a form easily used by a computer. Digital /images-catalog help with image reproduction and can assist greatly with platemaking. Since this printing equipment is a costly piece of technology, financing digital imaging systems is a smart move.
Rubber Plate Molding Equipment Financing
Rubber plate molding equipment is used to make molds out of rubber for print use. Rubber plates provide good image transfers and are commonly used in the printing industry. Due to the cost of this platemaking equipment, having Crest Capital finance rubber plate molding equipment is a good idea.
Plate Punch Financing
Financing plate punches (also known as a punch plate in some circles) is necessary for any printing business needing the ability to punch metal or paper, while improving print quality. Anyone wishing to offset the price of a plate punch should consider plate punch financing through Crest Capital's platemaking equipment leasing program.
Electrostatic Platemaking Equipment Financing
Think of electrostatic platemaking equipment as a super copying machine, since the process is very similar. Areas are exposed to different electron charges to create an electrical image. This image tells the machine how the plate will look and a plate is created in minutes. For information on financing electrostatic platemaking equipment read on.

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