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Just ten to fifteen years ago, scanner technology was in its infancy. Limited to largely black and white scanning, with bare bones OCR (optical character recognition) technology, the scanners of yesterday could only hint at what's possible now.

Today's scanners are capable of high resolution color scanning, which make almost flawless reproductions possible. OCR technology has increased that many companies can now even go "paperless" in regards to documents. A wide assortment of industries uses scanners, from commercial printers to almost every corporation nationwide. And Crest Capital is there to help these businesses finance scanners. In fact, we were offering scanner financing twenty years ago, when a simple black and white scanner cost a small fortune. With our quick application process and fast approval time (along with our great rates), we can make sure that your scanner financing needs are met and exceeded. Contact us today to learn more.

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Check Your Eligibility for Scanner Financing  with Crest Capital
Page Scanner Financing
When people in the printing and packaging industry speak of a page scanner, they're either speaking of a regular image scanner or a scanner with OCR software. Depending on the model desired (and the number needed), the cost can be high, so page scanner financing through Crest Capital makes good sense.
Large Document Scanner Financing
Financing large document scanners though Crest Capital will help you get a scanner quickly. We understand the need for non-traditional sized page scanning, and your need for a scanner that is able to accept different formats. No matter what model or how many large document scanners you need, we'll help you though our attractive scanner leasing program.
Microfilm Scanner Financing
A microfilm scanner (or microfiche scanner) is a specialized piece of scanner equipment that can scan different types of specialized media such as film, microfilm, and aperture cards. Financing microfilm scanners though a reputable company like Crest Capital is a good way to get your needed scanning equipment leasing.
Book Scanner Financing
Use of a book scanner saves time when the only other option is to take one-page scans. Optical character recognition (OCR) software with some book scanners can even "read" the text, and process it for quick editing. Due to the cost (starting at $10,000), book scanner financing is an attractive option.
Specialty Scanner Financing
Sometimes you need to do more than just reproduce the /images-catalog on a paper, thus the need for specialty scanners has risen. Specialized scanners, with abilities not found in regular scanners, have becomes popular. Since the price of this scanning equipment can vary so much, companies find they must look into financing specialty scanners.

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