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Printing press equipment and technology has changed the way the printing industry does business. Today's printers can handle larger jobs faster, and print shop workers can precision-interact with their printing presses in a way that Gutenberg could have only imagined. Computer technology has been introduced into the printing process, making printing press equipment financing something that every print shop needs to consider.

Crest Capital has been financing printing press equipment for almost two decades. We understand the need for new printing press equipment, and are ready to help your business respond to the changing printing landscape by providing great printing press financing rates and terms. We offer a simple application process (one form!) and can get your finance application approved in a few hours, which makes the entire printing press equipment financing process go faster than typesetting one letter. Contact us today to learn more.

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Check Your Eligibility for Printing Press Financing  with Crest Capital
Offset Print Press Financing
The process of offset printing is a common and widely used technique that transfers an inked image from a plate to a rubber "blanket", then the printing surface. While the use of an offset print press is common, it is also an expensive piece of equipment. So offset print press financing makes sense.
Digital Print Press Financing
A digital print press is important to implementing high quality digital color printing into a businesses current workflow. While this greatly enhances color and picture quality, it can also be a costly investment. For this reason, there's Crest Capital. Crest Capital ensures that digital printing press financing is a smart more every time.
Flexographic Financing
Flexography is the major process that is used in printing packaging materials. It is most commonly used to print commercial items. While a flexograph is a great investment to have for a company, it can also be expensive. Fortunately, Crest Capital is here to help in keeping flexographic financing reasonable and affordable.

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