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Cutter printers (sometimes called thermal printers or even plotters) are used by all manner of businesses – printing shops, sign makers, architect firms – wherever a large scale, continuous type document is needed. They almost always interact with computers, and are a highly specialized piece of equipment. This makes cutter printer financing something that most lending institutions are not familiar with.

Crest Capital is familiar with financing cutter printers and cutter printer equipment. We have nearly two decades of experience, and have provided cutter printer financing since the beginning. Whether you need a cutter for a sign shop or a vinyl thermal printer, we have the expertise to secure the financing you need. One simple application is all it takes, and our approval time is measured in terms of hours, not days. Contact us today to learn more.

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Check Your Eligibility for Cutter Financing  with Crest Capital
Guillotine Paper Cutter Financing
A guillotine paper cutter (also known as a level cutter) is ideal for cutting though multiple papers at once. There's great when you print multiple designs on one page since this cutter can cut so accurately. To make things easy on you, take advantage of our competitive guillotine paper cutter financing through our paper cutter leasing program.
Stack Paper Cutter Financing
Anyone who's had to cut through numerous reams of paper will definitely appreciate a stack paper cutter (also known as a ream cutter). Their ability to quickly cut through hundreds of sheets of paper at once; combined with Crest Capital's stack paper cutter financing make this a great way to improve your business.
Paper Trimming Machine Financing
A paper trimming machine (sometimes referred to as a paper trimmer) is a cutter used to give papers (in addition to photographs, card stock, tissue and even vellum) sharp precise edges. To allow companies the ability to afford higher end paper trimmers, Crest Capital offers low interest paper trimming machine financing.
Automatic Paper Cutter Financing
Automatic paper cutters make good sense for any printing and packaging business that cuts large amounts of paper. That's because these machines are as simple as "put stacks of paper into the cutter and the machine takes care of the rest." If you need help purchasing one, we have a terrific automatic paper cutter financing program for you.
Die Cutting Financing
Being able to instantly cut paper (and other materials) into various shapes is handy for many printing and packaging businesses. A die cutter is similar in concept to a cookie cutter. A die shape comes down and you get your shape cut out! Due to the price, die cutter financing is a smart move.

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