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Packaging equipment is incredibly diverse. There are machines that are fed by a conveyor belt that pack items. There are machines that seal packages. There are even drivable pallet wrapping machines, where a small vehicle drives around a pallet of goods, tightly wrapping it in plastic wrap.

For over twenty years we've offered equipment leases and loans, thus making us established experts in financing packing equipment for you. Our one page application process along with our fast approval time can get your packing equipment financing started within a few short hours (faster than it takes to pack a box! And our rates are great, as well.) Crest Capital is a company that can and wants to help you get the packing Contact us today to get the packing equipment financing you need.

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Check Your Eligibility for Packaging Equipment Financing  with Crest Capital
Shrink Wrapping Machine Financing
A shrink wrapping machine is a valuable piece of packaging equipment used to wrap items in durable film. Packaging companies use shrink wrapping machines to keep items from moving and to prevent tampering. As you've noticed, this piece of packaging equipment is expensive, so financing shrink wrapping machines is a great idea.
Canning Machine Financing
Canning techniques have come a long way since the early 1800's. While the basic concept is the same (ensure food inside cans does not become spoiled), today's canning machines allow for quick canning and killing of microbes. Since this packaging equipment is expensive, companies look into financing canning machines.
Bottling Machine Financing
A bottling machine is used to fill bottles with liquids (although other items including pills can be inserted into the bottles). Thus, they are almost irreplaceable. Crest Capital understands the need to have this packaging equipment, but to buy it outright is too costly. Thus, bottle machine financing is desirable.
Labeling Machine Financing
Labeling machines are an absolute must for nearly any business needing to store or send items. From small hand held models to large machines capable of printing thousands of labels quickly, such a piece of packaging equipment will come in handy. Due to the expense, financing labeling machines is a smart move.
Inserting Machine Financing
If you need to insert many documents into an envelope then you will find use of an inserting machine. An inserting machine automates the folding and insertion of papers into an envelope (or similar package.) Many businesses will wisely choose to finance inserting machines due to the cost.
Folding Machine Financing
Having employees manually fold large numbers of paper is expensive, slow, and imprecise. A folding machine can fold paper (and other similar) material into different configurations depending on your need. To get this needed piece of packaging equipment, many companies finance folding machines as a way to offset the cost.
Collating Machine Financing
Collating paper can be a tedious process. There is a lot of time involved, and the margin of human error can cost businesses time and money. Thus, collating machines make sense. And many companies turn to financing collating machines as a way to deal with the costs of ownership.
Bailer Machine Financing
Bailer machines have several uses. There are models that can tie up packages and such, but their main use is typically in waste disposal. By bailing up paper waste material that a printing business creates, space and time are saved (as well as being "greener"). This is expensive equipment, so financing bailing machines makes sense.
Rotary Filling Machines Financing
Rotary filling machines are pieces of packaging equipment usually used to fill bottles. The content can range from free flowing liquids to dry items. We're sure you've noticed that the cost for this packaging equipment is quite high. Due to the expense, using our rotary filling machine financing program is a smart move.

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