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Typesetting equipment is a perfect example of how technology can greatly affect an industry. Two centuries ago, hot metal typesetting relieved a big printing bottleneck (the composition of type by hand.) Today, that process would be considered antiquated and tedious. The technology has advanced from hot metal machines to phototypesetting, and has finally arrived at laser based technology.

The newer pieces of typesetting equipment are costly, making an equipment finance company who is experienced in financing typesetting equipment valuable. Crest Capital is that company. We have almost two decades of equipment financing experience, and have been financing typesetting equipment for that entire timeframe. We understand the printing business, and are ready to provide the typesetting equipment financing you need. With one simple application and a fast approval time, we'll make sure you get your new typesetting equipment financed, and can get back to the presses. Contact us today to learn more.

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Check Your Eligibility for Typesetting Equipment Financing  with Crest Capital
Photoengraving Equipment Financing
Photoengraving equipment is a catchall blanket term to describe all the printing equipment used in photoengraving. Since there's a lot of this equipment available, and much of it is costly, it's very possible to quickly reach a budgetary limit. For this reason, photoengraving equipment financing is a smart move.
Digital Typesetting Equipment Financing
Digital typesetting equipment makes typesetting far easier, as the components are stored in the memory of a computer. Due to the many different types of digital typesetting equipment, costs can be high. Therefore, using the services of Crest Capital's digital typesetting equipment financing makes good financial sense.
CRT Typesetting Equipment Financing
CRT (or cathode ray tube) typesetting equipment is a form of typesetting that is similar to a television picture tube, but has sharper resolution. As several types of CRT typesetting equipment are on the market, with all manner of price points, CRT typesetting financing becomes important. That's where Crest Capital comes in.

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