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Sometimes, there are equipment needs that don't fall under any particular "listed" category. We can list all the categories we want, and we'll still miss a few ("Bait shop equipment"… "classic car refinishing "… and so on) So we'd like to use this space to assure you that no matter what type of general equipment financing needs you have, Crest Capital can help you. If you need the equipment, and need it financed, we'll be happy to talk to you.

In fact, we take it one step further – we like to say that we can finance anything that you can file a UCC on. This covers just about any useful product you can think of, so if you need new customized shelving for your classic toy shop or a specific type of boring machine, do not hesitate to contact us today to learn more. You'll get our top notch service, including our simple application process and fast response, and, most importantly, you'll get the general equipment financing you need.

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Check Your Eligibility for General Equipment Financing  with Crest Capital
Dry Cleaning and Laundry Equipment Financing
Dry Cleaning and Laundry equipment matter – if you have substandard equipment, your dry cleaning and laundry customers will not be satisfied. In fact, in some cases (like a coin-op laundry) the equipment is probably the most important part of the business. Making financing dry cleaning and laundry equipment important.
Fitness and Exercise Equipment Financing
Fitness and exercise equipment is getting better all the time. Intense study of human physiology has resulted in exercise machines that better target the body's particular areas of concern. Exercise is still hard, though (as it should be), but financing fitness and exercise equipment shouldn't be. And with Crest Capital, it isn't.
Fixture Financing
Fixture financing covers a wide realm of items and situations. Almost anything that is "attachable" from real estate can be considered a "fixture" - Lighting fixtures, shelving, signage, refrigeration equipment, equipment that requires plumbing or unusual electrical work are all included in the term. And Crest capital provides financing for them all.
Graphical Storefront Signage Financing
Graphical storefront signage is one of the more important parts of any business. Often, your sign is the first thing a customer sees. Meaning it needs to be welcoming. Crest Capital offers excellent graphical storefront signage financing, and allows you to put your best foot forward with the best storefront sign possible.
HVAC Financing
The HVAC (which stands for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) system of a building is paramount not only to the comfort of the inhabitants, but sometimes to the well-being of the building itself (think of pipes freezing when the heat goes off.) HVAC systems are expensive, so HVAC financing is definitely something to consider.
Used Equipment Financing.
Financing used equipment is something that many companies are not fully aware of. This is because banks often frown at used equipment financing (especially for anything that isn't a vehicle), and most equipment finance companies want nothing to do with used equipment financing. Notice we said "most", but not "all". That's because Crest Capital is one of the few equipment financing companies that welcomes customers who want to finance used equipment.
Heavy Equipment Financing
Heavy equipment is the catch all term for large vehicles and machinery generally used in the construction and related industries. Backhoes, dump trucks, bulldozers, cranes, and many other pieces of equipment that build, push, dig, move, and more. In fact, if kids play with it in a sandbox, it’s a good bet construction workers use it in the field. But these machines are expensive, making new and used heavy equipment financing a real need.
Commercial Equipment Financing
Commercial equipment financing and leasing is something that Crest Capital has specialized in since 1989. All manner of industries depend on machines, vehicles, and software, and leasing commercial equipment has become a popular way to acquire it. By spreading the payments out over several years, a company can get what they need to serve their customers, without breaking the bank. And right now, new and used commercial equipment loan rates and terms are favorable.
Equipment Financing Loans
Companies looking for equipment financing, loans and leases count on Crest Capital to get them the funds they need, quickly and easily. Crest has been handling equipment financing lending since 1989, and provides loans for equipment, vehicles, and software for companies nationwide. A quick, simple online application, great rates, and fast approvals. Get the equipment you need to stay competitive, with the low monthly loan payments you’re looking for.
Trade Show Booth Financing
It's this simple – the better your trade show booth, the better trade-show results your company will have. A good looking booth will draw attention; and the functionality of it will ensure that your people are well prepared for the task at hand. Crest Capital provides trade show booth financing for companies of all sizes, and as a result, our clients enjoy successful trade shows.
Portable/Modular Building Financing
Portable and modular buildings are increasingly popular. From a movable office to a temporary storage facility / garage, portable and modular buildings can be used in a variety of ways, and are extremely versatile. That's why Crest Capital offers portable and modular building financing to companies that need it.
Snow Removal Equipment Financing
Snow removal equipment is an absolute must if you live in an area that gets any amount of the winter white stuff. Whether it's plow trucks, salt spreaders, snowplows, snow blowers, or even snow shovels, snow removal equipment is a part of many companies budgets. And that means snow removal equipment financing is part of the plan as well. And Crest Capital steps up with some of the best snow removal equipment financing available.
Brewery Equipment Financing
The brewing industry has undergone an incredible renaissance the past few decades. Craft brewers of all kinds have cropped up everywhere, making a cornucopia of excellent ales and lagers. Many of these companies are started by a "brewer with a dream", making brewery equipment financing an integral part of the beer making process.
Spray Equipment Financing
Spray equipment comes in many different forms, used for different applications. For example, you could have paint spraying equipment for a body shop, you could have spraying equipment that lays down driveway sealer, you could have foam spraying equipment for insulation, or a number of other uses. This makes financing spray equipment a diverse service, which is best left to equipment financing companies.
Paving Equipment Financing
Paving equipment consists of all kinds of specialty (and not so specialty) vehicles, trucks, and tools. Regardless of the exact type of gear you need, one thing is certain: Crest Capital offers exceptional new and used paving equipment financing to small and medium sized businesses nationwide. A quick application, fast approvals, and the best rates in the business ensure you can get the paving equipment leasing or financing you need.

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