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"Fixture" is a catch-all term that is used to describe a wide variety of items and equipment. Generally, if it can be "attached" to a building or real estate, it can be considered a fixture. This means lighting, shelving (even utility shelving), signage, refrigeration equipment, cabinets, equipment that requires plumbing (sinks, toilets, etc) or equipment that requires unusual electrical work are all considered fixtures (again, generally.)

Obviously, with such a broad definition, fixture financing is something that a lot of lending institutions do not like to get involved in. Crest Capital is different in that we happily provide fixture financing to companies that need it. In fact, we've been financing fixtures since 1989, and have helped companies purchase a wide range of equipment that falls under the term "fixtures". From financing plumbing fixtures to financing shelving fixtures to financing lighting fixtures (and all the rest), we're ready to help you with a simple application process, competitive rates, and a fast approval. Contact us today to learn more about fixture financing.

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Sign Financing
In the offline world, signs are one of the most effective ways to drive customers to your business. A powerful, custom-designed sign goes a long way towards capturing a prospective customer's attention. Signs are a great way to communicate, but a good one can be costly, causing many businesses to consider sign financing.
Cabinet Financing
Cabinets (file cabinets or general cabinets) are a necessity when it comes to protecting valuable business papers, documents, and equipment / supplies. While secure, protective cabinets are a must, they can be very expensive. By financing cabinets, you can ensure the safety of your company's records and other storable supplies.
Flooring and Fixture Financing
The flooring and fixtures of your business are the infrastructure of your company. If they look good, you look good. But installing new flooring, carpeting, or tile to your office space can be a major expense. And quality fixtures aren't cheap either. That's why floor and fixture financing is almost a must.

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