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Any dry cleaning or laundry business relies heavily on its equipment. Modern, well-maintained equipment means faster service and cleaner garments. This means more satisfied customers. And in the case of a Laundromat with coin-operated machines, the equipment is almost 100% the star – poor equipment means the customers will not return. Thus, financing dry cleaning and laundry equipment is important.

Crest Capital understands how important good dry cleaning and laundry equipment is to a laundry service, and we understand how favorable dry cleaning and laundry equipment financing affects the bottom line. We've been doing this for over twenty years, and have been financing dry cleaning equipment and financing laundry equipment from the beginning. We have a simple application and a fast approval process (not to mention excellent rates), and are well prepared to finance your dry cleaning and laundry equipment. Contact us today to learn more.

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Pressing Machine Financing
The use of a pressing machine is a great finish for your customer's laundry and dry cleaning (literally!) Clothes can smell good, but nothing says "professional" like the crisp feel and smooth lines of a freshly pressed garment. And financing pressing machines is a great way to get this needed laundry equipment.
Steam Boiler Financing
A steam boiler is necessary for many businesses in the garment industry. A steam boiler can quickly go from a cold start to give you needed clothes cleaning and pressing steam within minutes. Due to the cost of this dry cleaning and laundry equipment, steam boiler financing becomes a must.
Vacuum Unit Financing
A vacuum unit is an important tool in the laundry industry. Since a vacuum unit can make clothes look less wrinkled and dust free, it's a vital piece of equipment to have for any laundry business. As this type of equipment is expensive, it's important to have vacuum unit financing that won't blow you away.
Steamer Financing
Let's face it: No one likes wrinkles in their clothes. Having a good steamer ensures that your customer's clothes look good every time. For this reason, it's necessary to get the best in a dependable unit. As this type of equipment is expensive, it's good to know that Crest Capital's steamer financing will straighten things out.
Air Compressor Financing
When you work in the laundry business, it's important to have an air compressor that will stand up to the rigors of the daily work load. But any dry cleaner worth their starch knows that air compressors don't come cheap. Crest Capital knows this and that is why we offer the best laundry air compressor financing.
Spotting Board Financing
One of the greatest sins a dry cleaner can make is to turn a temporary stain into a permanent one. Using a spotting board ensures that stubborn stains get pre-treated and removed. For that reason, it is important to finance spotting boards so you'll get the dry cleaning and laundry equipment you need.
Tension Pressing Equipment Financing
As technology increases, many businesses find that dry cleaning and laundry equipment that was optional years ago is now mandatory if they want to remain competitive. Tension pressing equipment financing though an established company like Crest Capital ensures that your service will stand out in quality.

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