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Equipment Financing Loans and Leasing

Companies who need new or used equipment have a choice: they can pay cash, or they can look into loans and leases to get their goods. And increasingly, companies are seeing the wisdom in spreading out the cost of equipment over several years, while keeping their own cash in the bank. This makes new and used equipment financing loans and leases very popular.

Crest Capital understands this shift in thinking, and offers exceptional new and used equipment leases and loans with great rates and terms. We’ve been serving small and medium businesses in this fashion since 1989, and have a simple online application, great rates, and lightning fast approval times. So you can get the funds you need, and the monthly payments that make the balance sheet look great!

The Advantages of Equipment Financing Leases and Loans with Crest Capital:

Green Check Mark - Signifying Successful Equipment Financing Leases and Loans A Quick, Easy Application - We’ve made it super simple to apply. Our online application is one quick form, and for loans under 250k, we don’t require years of tax returns or other financial paperwork. Click, click, done.

Green Check Mark - Signifying Successful Equipment Financing Leases and Loans  Fixed Rates - We have great rates, and the best part is, they are fixed. So once you lock in, your monthly payments don’t change.

Green Check Mark - Signifying Successful Equipment Financing Leases and Loans Same Day Approvals – The majority of our financing and lease deals are approved within a few hours.

Updated Equipment Financing / Lending FAQ

What Are New and Used Equipment Financing Loan Rates?
Loan and lease rates depend on the federal rate, the borrower’s credit, the equipment itself, and more. However, Crest Capital always has the most competitive loan rates.

Do You Offer Fixed Rates?
We sure do! This means your monthly payments always stay the same, and never go up.

How Fast Are Your Approvals?
We’re really fast. Most deals are approved within a few hours, and almost always within one business day. We don’t like to keep customers waiting.

Do I Need a Lot of Collateral to get Financed?
Nope. We’re happy with just the financed equipment itself as collateral. So you can leave the titles and paperwork of other inventory at home – we don’t need it.

What About Fine-Print Restrictions and/or Covenants?
None. One our big advantages is we don’t require blanket liens, minimum balances, or any other crippling restrictions.

What Type of Equipment Financing Loan Can I Get?
Equipment, vehicles, software, straight financing, or leases. Tell us what you need, we’ll make it happen.

Can I get Pre-Approved for an Equipment Loan?
Sure thing! We’ve developed a quick and easy pre-approval process. Click any of the big orange buttons on this page, and in two minutes, you’ll have a good idea if a Crest Capital equipment lease or loan is in your future.

Get the New or Used Equipment Loan You Need

Crest Capital offers the best commercial equipment leasing and financing.

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