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Business vehicle financing, whether for financing / leasing single vehicles or a fleet of such, is a major purchase, and something a business should carefully consider. Oftentimes, a vehicle purchase is tied to revenue in some way - either a new commercial vehicle is needed to replace an old one, or perhaps an expansion means more business vehicles on the road. This means choosing the right type of business vehicle financing is paramount.

Crest Capital specializes in all manner of business vehicle financing, and is here to help you navigate the sometimes confusing world of financing a vehicle. Whether you are looking to lease, buy, or aren't sure which to do, we're here to make things easy. And our simple application and speedy decision process ensures a minimum of fuss on your end. Contact us today to learn more.

And if you're looking for commercial fleet financing, well, we do that too.

Crest Capital has made my business take off due to the vehicle they have financed for me - It's been great!

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Colorado Coach Transportation


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Ambulance Financing
Ambulances are amongst the most unique vehicles on the road. The nature of their work is such that they need to be new, and be able to interact with the latest medical equipment. Financing an ambulance requires an equipment financing specialist like Crest Capital - we have the ambulance financing experience you need.
Boom Truck Financing
The term "Boom Truck" can refer to several different types of work vehicles. From a raised scaffold on a truck bed to a classic "bucket truck" that a utility or tree worker uses to even a quasi-crane boom mounted on a truck, boom trucks are a vital part of many heavy operations.
Mixer Truck Financing
Mixer trucks are the ultimate specialty vehicle. Used for one purpose (mix and pour large quantities of concrete and the like), they are essential to large construction operations. They are also very costly, making an equipment finance company experienced in mixer truck financing a must.
Commercial Vehicle Financing
Commercial vehicles encompass all manner of work and utility vehicles. This means trucks, busses, vans, dump trucks, bulldozers, etc - they all fall under this classification. And when financing a commercial vehicle, the more experienced your equipment finance company is with commercial vehicle financing, the better off you are...
Delivery Van Financing
Delivery vans make up a huge number of vehicles on the road today. Almost every auto parts store has one (or several), as do most plumbing supply houses. Retail stores often have them, as well as some restaurants. And, of course, courier services rely heavily on them. Regardless of the use you have planned, one fact remains - Crest Capital is ready to help you with your delivery van financing.
Dump Truck Financing
Dump trucks are some of the largest vehicles on the road today. Their need is obvious - haul vast amounts of dirt/rock/debris/other from one place to another. Relative to their size is their cost, making the need for good dump truck financing paramount. Crest Capital offers just that.
Garbage Truck Financing
No vehicle is built specifically for the job at hand quite like a garbage truck. Unlike some vehicles that have several different uses, when you see a garbage truck, you know exactly what it does. And financing a garbage truck is best done by an equipment finance company experienced in garbage truck financing.
Hearse Financing
Seeing a hearse drive down the road followed by a line of cars always brings a somber, somewhat respectful feeling. This is because a hearse is a commanding presence. But have you noticed that you never see one at a dealership - so who sells these vehicles, and more importantly, who would finance a hearse?
Plow Truck Financing
For many parts of the country, Plow Trucks are serious workhorses come winter. In fact, many businesses and municipalities would grind to a halt without the plow truck to handle the parking lot, private roads, loading docks, and similar. These vehicles need to be powerful, and thus, can be costly, meaning Financing Plow Trucks (or leasing them) is something that's attractive to companies. Crest Capital can handle plow truck leasing for any size vehicle.
Salt Truck Financing
When snow and ice fall, there are various ways to attack it to make the roads safe. Snow can be pushed, and sand can make traction a little better. But for icy conditions (which are the most dangerous of all), nothing replaces salt (or various chemical alternatives.) This means a large salt truck needs to hit the streets, making salt truck financing a must for many companies. Fortunately, Crest Capital handles all manner of salt truck leasing and financing.
Limousine Financing
Limousines turn heads wherever they go. And they've also evolved - no longer limited to simple stretch models of luxury cars; Limo's now come in all manner of models. Even SUV's and Hummers come in "super stretch" Limo models. This means Limo companies have to be diverse, and Crest Capital is here to help.
People Mover Financing
Call them what you will - people movers, trams, trolleys, carts, trackless trains... etc. They all refer to vehicles specifically designed to move people from one location to another, usually under a mile in distance. Primarily used at amusement parks and airports and the like, the need for people mover financing is growing.
Work Truck Financing
The backbone of many commercial building and construction companies is the work truck. Tough, dependable, and very versatile, these rugged pickup trucks are built for heavy work. Many have beefy specs - heavier frames and springs, bigger engines, more towing power, etc. Financing work trucks is something most construction companies are interested in, and that's where Crest Capital can help.
Striper and Paver Truck Financing
Striper and paver trucks (or paving trucks, if you will) are a mainstay of paving operations and maintenance crews nationwide. These large specialty vehicles have definitive purposes that are required when working on roads, parking lots, or driveways. Thus, they are a large (and needed) part of any road maintenance or paving operation, and a substantial part of the operating budget.
Tow Truck Financing
Tow Trucks are essentially profit-center vehicles. When a towing company puts more tow trucks on the road, they typically realize a substantial revenue increase. This makes the need for excellent tow truck financing all the more apparent. Which is exactly what equipment financer Crest Capital offers.
Trailer Financing
Trailers come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from an open platform trailer meant to carry equipment to an enclosed structure that can serve as storage space (or even a temporary office). This diverse definition (and many uses) means that when financing a trailer, it pays to use an equipment finance company experienced in trailer financing.
Vacuum and Sweeper Truck Financing
Vacuum Trucks and Sweeper Trucks are an essential part of sanitation companies nationwide. They are also very particular in nature, and designed to do one specific task (clean streets and parking lots.) This specialization means they are not available everywhere, and not everyone will finance them. Crest Capital does, and can offer you the vacuum and sweeper truck financing you need.
Specialty Vehicle Financing
The term "specialty vehicle" can be used to describe almost anything. A large tractor can be a specialty vehicle. As can a glass delivery truck. Or perhaps an armored car. Or even a hockey rink's Zamboni (the ultimate specialty vehicle!) But regardless of the specialty vehicle you need, Crest Capital can help you finance it.
Sand Truck Financing
One thing we humans do well is figure things out. And we figured out that spreading sand on the road helps driving on snow and ice. Yes, it's dirty, but it's better than sliding into a ditch, right? But sand trucks can be expensive, which is why sand truck financing (or sander financing, if you are so inclined) makes sense for many companies. Crest Capital stands ready with the best sand truck financing this side of the Arctic Circle.

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