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Almost any vehicle that doesn't fit into a particular genre can be called a specialty vehicle. In fact, even if they do fit into a particular niche, it depends on who is using the term. In other words, if you consider something a specialty vehicle - be it a tractor, a Zamboni, a hot dog wagon, an armored car, or anything else - it probably is.

That said, finding specialty vehicle financing can be difficult at times. And that difficulty often increases as the vehicle gets "odder". If the demonstrated use for the vehicle is too specific, many traditional finance avenues (like the bank) will shun it. This makes an equipment financing specialist like Crest Capital a valuable resource. We have the specialty vehicle financing experience you are looking for. More importantly, we have the willingness that's often necessary when financing specialty vehicles. And we offer the same easy application and fast approval that we offer on our other equipment financing services. Contact us today to learn more.

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Fire Truck Financing
Fire trucks are the ultimate in specialty vehicles. Whether protecting businesses, homes, towns or anywhere else, the main function is the same – to transport fire fighters and put out fires. Due to their special nature, fire trucks can be very costly. Because of their expense, many companies prefer to finance fire trucks.
Sanitation Vehicle Financing
Sanitation vehicles (otherwise known as garbage trucks) are a big part of keeping our cities and neighborhoods clean. They remove trash from our homes, and keep places garbage-free. A sanitation vehicle is a very specific and costly specialty vehicle. Because of this, financing sanitation vehicles is often the most desirable option.
Septic Truck Financing
A Septic Truck is a truck and a mobile sewage treatment tank in one. They're ideal for providing sewage treatment to small towns and suburbs around the country. Because of their ability to handle excessive waste materials, they tend to be quite expensive. Therefore, financing septic trucks becomes a smart move.
Propane Tank Truck Financing
Propane tank trucks carry mass quantities of propane safely. For a customer starting a new business, replacing an older truck, or growing a fleet, it's beneficial to have quality propane tank trucks around for the long haul. However, propane tank trucks can be costly, so businesses often prefer to finance propane tank trucks.
Refrigeration Truck Financing
Refrigeration trucks are known for transporting goods at cool temperatures to preserve their freshness. They move perishable goods throughout the country in a fast and efficient manner. A refrigeration truck is a very specific and costly specialty vehicle. Because of this, refrigeration truck financing is often the most desirable option.
Tank Truck Financing
A tank truck is used to carry liquefied loads, dry bulk cargo and/or even gases on roads. They're ideal for businesses that need to transport large volumes of these materials. Because of their usefulness in safely transporting materials like gasoline, they tend to be quite expensive. Therefore, financing tank trucks becomes necessary.
Armored Vehicle Financing
Armored vehicles are important to ensure safety for important valuables and/or people. Whether it's a military armored vehicle, a specialty passenger car, or a cargo vehicle for carrying currency, they provide unmatched security. Armored vehicles can also be quite costly. Because of expenses, many companies prefer to finance armored vehicles.
Digger Derrick Truck Financing
Digger derrick trucks are a multipurpose vehicle with an extendible boom which may accommodate components that are used for many digging / placement purposes. Thus, it's a very specific business vehicle that can also be expensive. Because of this, financing digger derrick trucks is often the most desirable option.

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