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Ask ten different people to draw you a trailer, and you'll probably get ten radically different drawings. A trailer can mean a simple "pull behind the car" platform meant to carry snowmobiles or motorcycles. Or, it can mean a larger platform meant to carry large vehicles. Or it can even mean an enclosed, moveable structure that is used for storage, or even a temporary office. And, of course, we have the "trailer" part of a tractor-trailer.

This diversity means that when you are looking to finance a trailer, regardless of size or use, it's prudent to use an equipment finance company experienced with all manner of trailer financing. And that's Crest Capital. We have two decades of experience in financing trailers, and can offer you great rates, a simple application, and a fast approval process. Contact us today to learn more.

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Enclosed Trailer Financing
Enclosed trailers perform pretty much the same basic function as other trailers. They allow for the hauling of items. Businesses love enclosed trailers due to their ability to protect items inside from outside elements such as wind, extreme heat, and/or rain. Because they can be expensive, many companies look into financing enclosed trailers.
Flat Bed Trailer Financing
Flatbed trailers come in different configurations, but typically do the same work as other trailers (haul items from place to place). Flatbed trailers allow for loads to be safely distributed usually over a wide area thus increasing its safety. Businesses needing these trailers prefer to look into financing flatbed trailers.
Gooseneck Trailer Financing
A Gooseneck trailer is a trailer that performs the same functions as other trailers (allow for the movement of property from place to place) – however, Gooseneck trailers attach to a truck's cab as opposed to the bumper to allow for more stability. Businesses needing these expensive trailers prefer to look into financing gooseneck trailer.
Open Trailer Financing
Open trailers perform the same function as many other trailers - they allow for the hauling of payloads. Open trailers usually have no roof, and are spread out more to allow for safe distribution of payloads. Businesses wishing to avoid upfront cash flow issues choose to finance open trailers.
Lowboy Trailer Financing
Lowboy trailers are trailers that are low to the ground. They still perform the same functions of other trailers but are used mainly to haul heavy and bulky equipment. Due to their cost, businesses wishing to avoid upfront payments choose trailer leasing to finance lowboy trailers.

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