The free market is what made the United States a capitalist nation. Free markets allow people to own and run their own businesses, set the prices of retail items, and produce efficiently. The United States' economy is based on the dollar. The Federal Reserve currently sets certain interest rates, but some free-market advocates seek to end this practice and let the market set interest rates instead. Ayn Rand, a famous Russian-American author and philosopher, wrote several books that illustrate the virtues of capitalism and show how socialism and communism are destructive. Here are some helpful resources that contain more information about the free market and why it is so important:

  • Free Market: A definition of the term "free market," and an explanation of how free markets fit into the economic system.
  • Ludwig von Mises Institute: An organization that promotes Ludwig von Mises' theory of free markets and a gold currency/sound money.
  • A website that promotes free market capitalism and stands against communism.
  • Campaign for Liberty: A website that supports liberty, freedom, sound money, and capitalism.
  • A website that promotes laissez-faire capitalism and the free market ideal.
  • Atlas Shrugged: Comprehensive information on Ayn Rand's epic novel.
  • The History of Capitalism: A brief history of capitalism by the Ludwig von Mises Institute.
  • Cato Institute: An organization dedicated to freedom for all and to the free market ideal.
  • Liberty Institute: An organization dedicated to protecting families and their freedoms.
  • The Schwarz Report: An online magazine put out by the Christian Anti-Communism Crusade.
  • "The Growth of the Anti-Communist Network": An article about the growth of anti-communist activism in America.
  • Libertarian Party: The official website of the Libertarian Party, an American political party dedicated to smaller government, personal liberty, and the free market.
  • Libertarian Purity Test: An online test that measures how compatible you are with the libertarian political philosophy.
  • Milton Friedman: The autobiography of an economist who believes in the free market system.
  • A website run by supporters of Ron Paul, who is a staunch advocate of the free market system, a political activist, and a congressman who believes in capitalism and sound money.
  • Gold: A 24-hour spot chart which tracks how gold is doing in the markets.
  • The Online Library of Liberty: A list of reading suggestions for those interested in free market economics.
  • An active libertarian site dedicated to drawing the U.S. back to its foundational principles.
  • Thomas Jefferson Quotes: Quotes by our third president, who believed in limited government.
  • The HR Capitalist: A blog about capitalism and current events.
  • Free Market Cure: Solutions for improving the health care system without using socialist programs.
  • Minnesota Free Market Institute: A website dedicated to the promotion of free markets today.
  • Free Trade, Free Markets: The center for free trade, hosted by the Cato Institute.
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About the Author

Written by Michael Marcin of Crest Capital. Michael oversees all operations and finance for this national equipment finance lender. He is an excellent technical writer on topics including equipment, vehicle, and software finance and associated tax implications.