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Financing equipment through Crest Capital allows your business to truly leverage the 2024 Section 179 deduction. Keep more of your money by taking a full deduction now instead of waiting years.
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Section 179 permits you to write off the full cost of eligible new or used equipment acquired during the year. This greatly reduces your company’s tax liability, letting you keep more of the money you earn. These are real dollars that stay in your bank account.

Crest Capital’s free Section 179 calculator has been updated for 2024 to show how much money you will keep. Please use it as much as you like with no obligation.

2024 Section 179
Tax Deduction CalculatorTM

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The calculator presents a potential tax scenario based on typical assumptions that may not apply to your business. This page and calculator are not tax advice. The indicated tax treatment applies only to transactions deemed to reflect a purchase of the equipment or a capitalized lease purchase transaction. Please consult your tax advisor to determine the tax ramifications of acquiring equipment or software for your business.

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The 2024 Section 179 Deduction Has Set a Record

The 2024 Section 179 deduction is $1,220,000, which is $60k higher than it was in 2023. This is the largest deduction the IRS has ever offered small businesses. You can substantially reduce your company’s tax bill simply by acquiring the equipment you need. In short, this game-changing deduction will allow you to keep more of your hard-earned dollars.

Using Section 179 is easy. Simply purchase or finance the eligible new or used equipment, as well as put it into service, by 12/31/2024. Use Form 4562 to claim your deduction.

Turn the Tables on Taxes: Keep More of Your Money and Get a $179 Bonus too!

Crest Capital offers fast, easy Section 179 Qualified Financing, so you can get the equipment you want right now, and take full advantage of this excellent tax deduction. And as an added bonus, we’ll throw in a $179 bonus for every $10k financed. That’s even more money for you to keep!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Section 179 deduction for 2024?

The Section 179 deduction for 2024 is $1,220,000, an $60,000 increase from the previous year. This allows businesses to deduct the full purchase price of qualifying equipment from their 2024 taxes, up to the limit.

What is the purpose of Section 179?

Section 179 was established to encourage small and mid-sized businesses to invest in themselves by purchasing equipment. The deduction significantly reduces their tax bill and promotes business growth.

How does the Section 179 deduction work with Crest Capital's Section 179 Qualified Financing?

When combined with Crest Capital's Section 179 Qualified Financing, businesses can keep more of their money instead of paying it out to the IRS. This combination helps companies improve their bottom line.

What is the deadline for qualifying for Section 179 in 2024?

To qualify for Section 179 in 2024, the eligible equipment must be acquired and put into service (installed/turned on/etc.) by midnight on 12/31/2024.

What is the limit on capital purchases for Section 179 in 2024?

The limit on capital purchases for Section 179 in 2024 is $3,050,000. After that number is reached, the deduction decreases on a dollar-for-dollar basis.

How can I calculate my potential Section 179 tax savings for 2024?

You can use Crest Capital's free Section 179 calculator to estimate how much money your company can keep. The calculator is simple to use and fully updated with 2024's Section 179 limits.

Is Section 179 a permanent part of the IRS tax code?

Yes, Section 179 has been made a permanent part of the IRS tax code, and the deduction amount has been rising annually in recent years.

What is the Bonus Depreciation for 2024 under Section 179?

The Bonus Depreciation for 2024 under Section 179 is 60%.

What types of equipment qualify for the Section 179 deduction?

The Section 179 deduction applies to new and used equipment that meets specific criteria. This includes tangible personal property used in business, computer software, and improvements to non-residential property.

Why is the 2024 Section 179 Deduction considered the largest in history?

For 2024, Section 179 deduction has grown by $60k to $1,220,000. This is the largest deduction ever offered to businesses, making it a significant opportunity for businesses to reduce their tax liabilities.

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