Resource Guide to Algebra

Algebra is a branch of mathematics that involves using unknown values to solve equations. Some people think it is only useful to those pursuing a career in science or math, but it can actually help solve everyday problems too. People use algebra for many daily tasks, such as calculating distances or times and planning expenditures for groceries, meals, gas, or other things. Those who need to balance a budget every day will benefit greatly from understanding basic algebra.

Basic Algebra
  • What Is Algebra: A page of basic information about algebra.
  • Introduction to Algebra: An overview of basic algebra, including examples of equations and solutions.
  • Algebra: Lessons that can help students gain a better understanding of basic algebra.
  • Beginning Algebra: A list of tutorials that provide detailed explanations of topics in basic algebra.
  • Basic Algebra: An explanation of algebra that also links to several tutorials.
  • Beginning Algebra: A guide to solving basic algebra problems.
Intermediate Algebra
Advanced Algebra
Test Your Algebra Skills
Algebra in Real-Life Situations

Algebra is a very powerful problem-solving tool, and it trains students to think in an abstract manner. The study of algebra has enabled many great technological innovations—innovations which have improved people's lives all over the world. Whether they are conscious of it or not, people do use algebra in their everyday lives. In fact, they apply certain algebraic concepts whenever they need to solve problems that involve numbers.

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