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Almost all manufacturing companies will need new manufacturing equipment at some point. Whether to replace older, inefficient machines with new ones or to invest in machines capable of making new products, financing this new manufacturing equipment makes good fiscal sense. This is because stretching payments of revenue producing goods (like manufacturing equipment) over time often produces a positive cash flow immediately (because the revenue increase is larger than the payment for the manufacturing equipment financed.)

The options available to finance manufacturing equipment are many – you can lease manufacturing equipment, you can lease with a purchase option, or you can outright finance manufacturing equipment. The best manufacturing equipment financing option for you will depend on your individual circumstances: company size, long-term goals, cash reserves, etc. And Crest Capital can help you with all of these – we have a bevy of creative manufacturing equipment financing options that will put new machines in your building and more dollars in your pocket. All with a simple application process, and a fast approval time. Contact us today to learn more.

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Check Your Eligibility for Manufacturing Equipment Financing  with Crest Capital
Machine Tool Financing
From machine shops to iron shops to a modern day blacksmith/fabrication operation, machine tools have been a staple in these industries since the industrial revolution. And while Crest Capital hasn't been around quite that long (two decades for us), we have plenty of experience in machine tool financing.
Rubber and Plastics Equipment Financing
Rubber and plastics equipment can include many items, almost too many to list. From tire grinders to molds to mixers to dye machines to rubber pulverizers, the list is substantial. But if you need rubber and plastics equipment financing, the list is very short, with Crest Capital right on top.
Woodworking Equipment Financing
Woodworking equipment is highly specialized and particular to the industry. There's not many other uses for a woodworking lathe, after all. But for the crafted items that need the lathe, nothing else will do. Crest Capital understands this, and offers exceptional woodworking equipment financing to woodworking businesses nationwide.
Metal Working Machinery Financing
Metal working machinery is a broad term that covers all manner of items. You could be talking about tools in a machine shop, CNC machinery, mills, presses, hand tools, or any manner of products. This large breadth of items makes metal working machinery financing something that an equipment financing specialist should handle..
Embroidery Equipment Financing
Embroidery equipment has advanced at an astonishing rate. What used to be done by hand can now be done hundreds of times faster on large, computer controlled embroider machines. This means more revenue for companies that embroider. And Crest capital offers exceptional embroidery equipment financing to these companies.
Stone and Glass Cutting Fabrication Financing
Stone and glass cutting and fabrication equipment are the ultimate specialist tools. This is partly due to the nature of the materials being worked on – more often than not, stone and glass needs to be cut with precision and great care. Companies want the best equipment available, making the need to finance stone and glass cutting equipment paramount.
Metal Fabrication Equipment Financing
Want to talk about a tough job? Speak to someone who works in the metal fabrication industry. Bending, twisting and shaping metal into all kinds of useful end-products is hard work, and the machinery used for it is very specialized as well. This makes metal fabrication equipment financing something that the experts should handle.

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