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Woodworking equipment financing is something that almost all woodworking shops need to plan on. This is because their equipment is very specialized and unique to the woodworking industry. Making furniture, cabinets, counters, shelving, chairs, trusses, stringers, etc requires not only the right tools, but the right equipment as well (like jigs, etc.) So financing woodworking equipment is paramount.

Crest Capital is an equipment financing company that has been financing woodworking equipment for almost two decades, and we've made it our business to offer no less than the best terms and rates when it comes to woodworking equipment financing. We offer several advantages, including our simple, no-hassle application process and competitive rates. We also offer a fast approval time, so you can get the woodworking equipment financing you need, and get back to making stunning creations out of wood. Contact us today to learn more about financing woodworking equipment.

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Check Your Eligibility for Woodworking Equipment Financing  with Crest Capital
Belt Sander Financing
A belt sander is a necessary and time saving piece of manufacturing equipment for woodworking. Since they can vary in size from small hand held models to large industrial models, the cost can quickly reach expensive levels. Therefore, financing belt sanders is a smart way to get this vital piece of woodworking equipment.
Door Frame Machine Financing
A door frame machine is an important item in the manufacturing of doors. The ability to create different sized frames quickly gives a business a competitive advantage. Crest Capital recognizes the need for these machines, and offers door frame machine financing for companies of all sizes.
Edgebander Financing
Edgebanders are very useful in the woodworking and manufacturing industries, and their demand is growing. Whether a portable, mounted edgebander to a stand alone model, they can be pricey. Regardless of type, Crest Capital can help by financing edgebanders for woodworking companies of all sizes.
In-line Boring Machine Financing
The ability to do precision cutting and boring is important to many industries, but it's especially important to the woodworking industry, where precise holes are often needed. An in-line boring machine gives that ability, but the cost can be high. So financing in-line boring machines is a way to get your equipment fast.
Mechanical Router Financing
Mechanical Routers are used to cut and create parts. Mechanical routers move around the object and create well defined angled grooves. Many woodworking businesses find that purchasing this machine tool can be a costly investment, so mechanical router financing is necessary.
Panel Saw Financing
The ability to cut large sheets of wood (and other materials if needed) into defined sized parts is precisely what a panel saw is for. Picking the model of panel saw depends on how much you want to spend, so financing panel saws can get you whatever model of woodworking equipment you desire.
Wood Shaper Financing
A wood shaper is capable of cutting profiles into quality pieces of wood in great volume. Thus, it's a needed piece of equipment for any qualirt woodworking business. Crest Capital understands this, and offers attractive rates on wood shaper financing to anyone that needs to upgrade their manufacturing equipment.
Band Saw Financing
In the woodworking and manufacturing business, band saws refer to saws that cut flexible shapes with a "band" type blade. Their long narrow blade can cut curves and work with all types of woods (and metals)! Band saws are sophisticated and costly machines. Companies look to band saw financing as an easy way to ownership.
Drying Kiln Financing
When the woodworking industry refers to a drying kiln, they're speaking of equipment used to remove moisture from wood. Removing moisture reduces the weight of wood while ideally keeping the wood usable. This woodworking equipment is expensive, but Crest is here to help by offering to finance drying kilns for you.
Jointer/Planer Machine Financing
A planer machine (or a jointer machine if you prefer) is used in the woodworking industry to produce flat boards of equal thickness though out the board. Since this woodworking equipment can be so expensive, businesses not wishing to deal with the financial headache look into financing jointer/planer machines.
Dust Collection Machine Financing
There's no way around it - woodworking creates a lot of dust. Dust collection machines are used to collect all manner of wood dust, shavings, and chips of wood from where they originate. However, dust collection machines are expensive and Crest Capital wants to offer you sensible woodworking equipment financing.
Sanding Machine Financing
Sanding machines are power tools that are used to smooth wood finishes. Using sandpaper that is attached to the base, they can remove rough edges, nicks and scratches, and come in several different varieties. Due to the expense of this helpful woodworking tool, manufacturing businesses will often look into financing sanding machines.

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