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"Rubber and plastics equipment" is a very broad category, encompassing the entire spectrum of the rubber and plastics industries. If it's made out of rubber or plastic, there's a piece of machinery involved. Whether mixing the chemicals involved to shaping the final product into what we see on the store shelves (or perhaps even the shelves themselves), the machines are very, very specialized. And if you think listing them is hard, financing rubber and plastics equipment from a traditional lending institution is even harder. That's why an equipment finance company like Crest Capital is so welcomed.

Crest Capital has been financing rubber and plastics equipment for almost two decades, so we have the experience that you are looking for. Whether it's a new machine for a new process or an old standby, if it can be described and sold, we can finance it. We offer an easy application, great rates, and a fast approval process, so if you are in need rubber and plastics equipment financing, look no further than Crest Capital. Contact us today to learn more.

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Recycling Equipment Financing
Recycling equipment is a catchall term to describe all the equipment used in the processing of old waste material. The scope of recycling equipment is very diverse with costs ranging from moderate to very expensive. Because of this, Crest Capital offers to finance recycling equipment for companies in need.
Thermoforming Machine Financing
Thermoforming machines heat plastic sheets (and other materials) until they are soft, and then use air pressure or vacuum pressure on a mold to form the shape. Thermoforming machines are usually a significant investment, and many businesses look into thermoforming machine financing as a path to ownership.
Blow Molding Machine Financing
A blow machine is manufacturing equipment used to form hollow spaces in plastics (for example - one use is to create plastic drinking bottles.) Blow molding machines come in different specifications depending on what they do. Because they can be pricey, blow molding machine financing should be considered.
Injection Molding Machine Financing
An injection molding machine is a piece of manufacturing equipment used to form plastic items. Melted plastic is injected into a mold to ensure the shape is uniform. It's an expensive of equipment for certain, but you can be assured that financing injection molding machines though Crest Capital will help your company.
Extruder and Extrusion Equipment Financing
Extruder and extrusion machines manufacture items by pushing raw materials though a die to create a desired shape. Examples of created products can include pipe, rings, and rods. All major manufacturing equipment is expensive so financing extruder and extrusion equipment is a wise choice.
Plastic Stamping Equipment Financing
Plastic stamping equipment is a piece of manufacturing equipment used to create desired shapes out of plastic material. A stamping press punches and cuts the material until the desired shape is formed. Due to the high cost, financing plastic stamp equipment is best way to obtain this equipment.
Plastic Molding Machine Financing
Plastic molding machines allow for the creation of plastic shapes. Such shapes created by a plastic molding machine can include plastic parts, plastic toys, and even plastic bottles. These manufacturing machines represent a costly and significant business investment, so financing plastic molding machines should be considered.
Rubber Molding Machine Financing
Rubber molding machines refer to manufacturing equipment that create rubber shapes either by compression or injection. Manufacturing industries find modern rubber equipment to be capable of consistently producing high quality products (unlike the early days). Buyers looking to own this manufacturing equipment should consider the rubber molding machine financing experts at Crest Capital.
Rubber Vulcanization Equipment Financing
Rubber vulcanization equipment is used to vulcanize rubber, which is a process to prevent rubber from deforming in the heat or becoming brittle in the cold. Rubber vulcanization equipment ensures rubber will have elasticity (and therefore usefulness.) Due to the high price of this manufacturing equipment, rubber vulcanization equipment financing should be considered.
Other Rubber and Plastics Equipment Financing
Rubber and plastics equipment is a blanket term to describe all the equipment used in rubber and plastic manufacturing. Examples of rubber and plastic equipment can include: Rubber mixers, rubber presses, plastic extruders, and even plastic molds. Much of this equipment is expensive so rubber and plastic equipment financing should be considered.

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