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From a tungsten carbide drill to diamond cutting equipment to a wet saw meant to precisely cut tile, stone and glass cutting equipment is as diverse as it is specialized. One thing that really sets it apart from other fabrication equipment is its uniqueness – a normal saw can cut quite a few objects. A stone cutter is meant to cut stone only. This specialized nature means stone and glass cutting and fabrication equipment financing is specialized as well – it's best to have an equipment finance company that has experience financing stone and glass cutting machines.

Crest Capital is the equipment financing company you are looking for if you want to finance stone and glass cutting equipment. We have almost two decades of experience, and have been financing stone and glass cutting and fabrication equipment since the beginning. Our straightforward application process and amazingly fast approval time will allow you to get the stone and glass cutting and fabrication equipment financing you require. Contact us today to learn more.

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Bridge Saws Financing
The ability to cut straight and curved lines on stone and glass is very important to the stone and glass industry. A bridge saw gives that ability, so obviously, they are quite popular. However, they do tend to run quite high in price. That's where Crest Capital's low interest bridge saw financing can help.
Edge Polishing Equipment Financing
To bring out the beauty in stone and glass, many businesses will use edge polishing equipment. This piece of manufacturing equipment will smooth out the ends (and tops) until a proper finish is applied. Precise equipment like this can cost a pretty penny, so looking toward financing edge polishing equipment is often necessary.
Stone Floor Polishing Equipment Financing
When people in the stone industry speak of floor polishing equipment, they're referring to particular models. Because stone has its own unique issues with stains and loss of shine, special cleaning discs, agents, and machines are needed. Because so much is involved, businesses look into financing floor polishing equipment.
Water Filtration < Recycling Equipment Financing
The ability to cool down a stone and glass saw is usually accomplished though the use of water. But what happens to the water? It's filtered and recycled, and used again! The equipment that does this is highly specialized, so water filtration < recycling equipment financing is welcome.
Sandblasting Equipment Financing
When people in the stone and glass industries refer to sandblasting equipment, they may be talking about general "smooth it out" sandblasting equipment, or they may be referring to fabrication equipment used to etch a design in glass or stone (for example, by using a rubber stencil.) Companies wanting this equipment should consider sandblasting equipment financing.
Glass Cutting Equipment Financing
Glass cutting equipment comes in different levels of sophistication depending on the needs of the user. There are specialty designed saws, water jets, and even laser equipment used in glass cutting and fabrication. Because this manufacturing equipment is specialized, Crest Capital offers businesses glass cutting equipment financing.
Laser Etching Equipment Financing
In the stone and glass fabrication industry, laser etching equipment is used to create lasting /images-catalog. Computers ensure the etching is very precise and can even create /images-catalog only visible under a microscope. Because of the high level of sophistication (and the price), laser etching equipment financing is helpful.

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