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Gasoline stations have certainly evolved, haven't they? What was once just a place to fill your car is now a full service convenience store, offering food, drinks, sundries, and (of course) fuel.

The convenience store aspect of the business means all kinds of retail point of sale equipment is needed – everything from shelving to coolers to hot dog machines. Many gas stations even sport an ATM. And the pumps themselves are very different as well – in many places, it's now possible to just wave a device at the pump to pay for your fuel. And one pump disperses three different fuel grades…

All of this means that gasoline station equipment financing is a big need. And Crest Capital recognizes that need. In fact, we've been financing gas station equipment since the eighties, and have the experience to get you the service station financing you require. With a simple application and "no wait" approval time.

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Dispensers and Pump Financing
Retail and Convenience Stores attract customers because they offer a variety of services - everything from fuel to food. Today's fuel pumps and dispensing equipment are computerized, allowing customers to complete their transactions at the pump. Because of their specialized nature and the expense of an outright purchase, financing dispensers and pumping equipment often is advantageous.
Leak Detection Device Financing
In the gas station or petroleum business, the slightest leak in a storage tank can be extremely bad news. It can mean shutdown of your retail or convenience store, and loss of revenues. Thus, leak detectors become an essential (yet expensive) piece of equipment. Oftentimes, companies turn to leak detection equipment financing as a path to ownership.
Leak Prevention Device Financing
In most retail and convenience store operations, the fuel pumps are the business's "main" draw. And because most storage tanks for petroleum and gasoline stations are located underground, it is important to have a leak prevention system in place. Usually this is a secondary containment system, which can be expensive to install, so financing leak prevention devices is a preferred option.
Underground Storage Tanks Financing
Underground storage tanks for petroleum and gasoline stations are very sophisticated. Because they hold flammable and combustible fuels, and utilize special engineering designs, coatings, and fittings. Thus, underground storage tanks for gas stations can be expensive. So for owners of retail and convenience stores, financing underground storage tanks is attractive.
Canopy Financing
The purpose of convenience store and gas station canopies is to keep your customers dry while they pump gas, and to also steer traffic on busy roadways to your business. Because gas station canopies come in many shapes, styles, and price points, gas station canopy financing makes good sense.
Lube Equipment Financing
Lube equipment generally refers to the equipment used in the "lube" part of "oil change and lube job". The equipment used is extremely varied in scope – it can be as simple as a "grease gun", all the way up to high-pressure grease injectors. This equipment can be expensive, so lube equipment financing is often the preferred path to ownership.

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