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Retail equipment financing can consist of financing new point of sale equipment like computerized cash registers, hand held inventory scanners, or perhaps a new automated store entrance or store fixtures (either common shelving or custom displays). But "retail equipment" does not necessarily always mean "store equipment" - it can even mean a new chair for a beauty salon, or a new payment system for a daycare (which, after all, are considered retail businesses.)

But regardless of the type of retail business, one thing is common in all of the above examples – customer service and perception. In short, what a customer thinks of your store or location means a lot. If your equipment - from the entrance to the registers to the lighting - is old, dirty, or inefficient; the customer will notice. So you need the best retail equipment, financed by a retail equipment financing specialist like Crest Capital. We have a simple application process, and approvals are fast, so you can get back to doing what you do best – servicing your customer. Contact us today to learn more.

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Petroleum and Gasoline Service Station Financing
Like many other businesses, gasoline service stations have evolved to accommodate a more mobile population, and have also embraced technology. For example, not only are they now full-fledged convenience stores, but even the gas pumps themselves are far different than their forefathers. These advances mean gasoline station equipment financing is more vital than ever.
Point of Sale Equipment Financing
Point of Sale Equipment (or POS equipment) generally refers to the cash register and barcode scanning system in a retail store. Much more than simply scanning the price, these POS systems can also track inventory, buying trends, etc. Crest Capital can help by providing the point of sale equipment financing you need.
Shelving and Display Cabinet Financing
Shelving and display cabinets are the backbone of any retail operation. They need to be functional, good looking, and in the case of display cabinets, they need to catch the eye. Crest Capital ensures your shelving and display cabinets are the best they can be by providing the shelving and display cabinet financing that you need.

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