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Machine Tool Financing and Leasing

Have you ever seen an old-style, 19th century machine shop / iron shop? It's very interesting. One steam-powered belt generally runs all of the machines – the belt winds and twists the length of the shop. Now here's the really interesting part - look in a modern day shop, and you won't see a steam-powered belt, but many of the machines used are very familiar indeed. A punch-press still generally works the same way, be it steam-powered or computer-controlled. But it costs more today, making machine tool financing important.

Crest Capital understands this need, and offers exceptional new and used Machine Tool leasing rates and terms. We’ve been doing this since 1989, and have a simple online application, great rates, and an approval time that's decidedly faster than our (steam-powered) competitors – in short, we can handle all of your machine tool loan and leasing needs. Contact us today to learn more.

Financing Equipment is Very Beneficial to Companies:

Easy Application An Easy, Fast Online Application - Our application takes a few minutes to fill out (it’s one simple form). And there are no financial statements needed for deals under 250K. Leave your tax returns and balance sheets home!

Great Fixed Rates  The Best Fixed Rates - Low, predictable monthly payments are where it’s at. Our fixed rates are the best in the industry.

Fast Approvals Very Fast Approvals – In most cases, your loan or lease will get an approval in a few short hours. “Fast” is our middle name!

Machine Tool Leasing and Loan FAQ (Always Updated)

What Are Current New and Used Machine Tool Financing Rates?
The actual rate will depend on a few outside factors: the current federal rate, the borrower’s credit, the type of machine financed, etc. All that said, our rates are the best in the business!

Do You Offer Fixed Rates on Your Leases and Loans?
Absolutely! In fact, it’s the only way we do business. This allows your monthly payments to be predictable.

How Fast Are Financing Approvals?
Very fast. In fact, we often approve borrowers in a few hours, and 99% of the time within one business day. You need equipment, and we’re on it!

Do I Need a Lot of Collateral? (Please tell me “no”)
You’re in luck. We do not need any collateral besides the equipment itself (which is standard in the industry). No blanket liens or anything similar..

What About Other Restrictions and/or Covenants?
We don’t have any. We found out a long time ago that businesses financing machine tools do not want to be limited by restrictions. So we avoid them.

What Types of Machines Can I Lease or Finance?
Just about anything you need to run your business. If it’s a machine, we finance it.

Can Crest Capital Pre-Approve Me?
Yes we can. We have a fast and simple pre-approval self-assessment. It takes two minutes, and there’s no credit check. Simply click the button below to get started.

Get the New or Used Machine Tool Financing and Leasing You Need

Check Your Eligibility for Packaging Equipment Financing with Crest Capital
CNC Broaching Machine Financing

The ability to smooth off and finish metal is vital to many manufacturers. A CNC Broaching machine gives that ability. Broaching machines are needed by any industry wanting precision finishing. However, the price of these machines can be uncomfortably high, so financing CNC broaching machines though a company like Crest Capital makes sense.

CNC Turning Center Financing

CNC turning centers are used to cut, shape, and create mechanical parts. CNC turning centers move around the object and cut it until the desired shape is complete. Because this precision machine tool can be quite expensive, manufacturers find that CNC turning center financing is often necessary.

CNC Drill Press Financing

CNC drill presses provide automated drilling of holes on materials. They can drill single holes, multiple hole patterns, and even complicated patterns with different size holes on the same material using multiple drill bits. Due to the expense of this machine tool, manufacturing businesses will often look into financing CNC drill presses.

CNC Roll Forming Machine Financing

CNC Roll forming machines automate the continuous bending of long strips of metal until the proper shape is complete. Multiple sets of rolls make tiny bends in the metal to prevent breakage and to ensure precise bending. Industries that need this manufacturing equipment often choose to finance CNC roll forming machines.

CNC Punch Press Financing

The ability to make precise stamps and cuts on metal is very important in the manufacturing industry. CNC Punch Presses are automated machine tools capable of great speed and uncanny precision. The cost can vary depending on the unit desired, so financing CNC punch presses is always a good idea.

CNC Grinding Machine Financing

CNC grinding machines use a grinder controlled by a computer to grind material into complex shapes. CNC grinding machines are used mainly to create precision machine parts. They range in cost, but always tend to be quite expensive. So Crest Capital offers CNC grinding machine financing as an easy pah to ownership.

CNC Machining Centers Financing

Being able to create complex shapes and designs with a CNC machining center is important for many manufacturing companies. A CNC machining center's ability to manipulate shapes, undercuts, and hard angles in a single setup reduces costs and increases profits. Since this manufacturing equipment has ahigh price, financing CNC machining centers is necessary.

CNC Lathe Financing

CNC Lathes are sophisticated and advanced computer controlled versions of regular lathes. Their ability to accurately create equipment and parts out of plastic and metal make this machine tool very useful to own. Manufacturing industries tend to look into CNC lathe financing as a great way to increase their profits.

CNC Milling Machine Financing

The complex shaping of solid materials like metal should be done with a CNC milling machine. CNC milling machines are capable of accurately performing complicated jobs like slot cutting, drilling, and routing of materials. These machine tools are very expensive, therefore buyers should look into financing CNC milling machines.

CNC Cutting Machine Financing

CNC cutting machines cut exact patterns for artistic and/or mechanical purposes. The computer which controls the cutting machine can make the same cut many times with no errors or changes in the cut. Crest capital understands the price tag for this manufacturing equipment is high so we offer CNC cutting machine financing.

CNC Router Financing

Having the ability to cut precise shapes (including unusual ones) or create accurate grooves is needed by many manufacturing companies. CNC Routers use computers to give you that precision ability. Due to the cost, most companies find the best path to ownership is usually CNC router financing.

CNC Machine Control Center Financing

CNC machine control centers monitor and regulate manufacturing machines. If a problem is detected, a CNC machine control center will take a machine out of service or control it in other ways. This piece of manufacturing equipment tends to be costly, so financing CNC machine control centers is a smart move.

Tooling Package Financing

A tooling package includes the different items used in the creation of metal components. These components are created though machining (i.e: creating items though selective removing of parts like cutting or drilling). A tooling package represents a significant investment, so financing tool packages though Crest Capital is a smart move.

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