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Take an old-school pharmacist out of the 1960’s and drop him or her into a pharmacy today, and they would be amazed at the difference. From computerized dispensary units to digital health records to gigabytes of insurance regulations, the equipment used is much different than it used to be. And this equipment can be costly, making financing pharmacy equipment (or leasing pharmacy equipment) a very needed service.

Fortunately, Crest Capital is exactly what the doctor ordered. We have been providing financing for pharmacy equipment for the past quarter century, and we’re experienced with not only the ins and outs of pharmacy equipment leases, we also know how much the equipment has changed. This is why we offer pharmacy equipment financing at great rates, and a super-fast application process. In fact, we’ll have you feeling better about a pharmacy equipment loan in no time. Contact us today to learn more.

The process was very painless. Crest Capital was expedient in getting the deal done. We’re very happy!

Heyward Woodward | Express Care Pharmacy


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