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Medical technology has come a long way, with exciting new advances being made on a consistent basis. The one issue is cost – new, cutting edge equipment has a very high cost factor. Even equipment that has been around awhile has a prohibitive cost (just ask a dentist how much one dental chair costs.) Thus the obvious need for health and medical equipment financing. In fact, financing health and medical equipment is often the only way to obtain it.

That being said, it is to your advantage to choose an equipment financing company experienced in health and medical equipment financing. One that builds long-term relationships with their customers, and can be counted on to provide financing for medical equipment time and time again.

Crest Capital is that equipment financing company. We have the understanding of your needs, and we have the experience in providing financing for medical and health equipment. And our simple application process and quick response makes us a pleasure to deal with (imagine – almost no paperwork!) Contact us today to learn more.

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Dental Equipment Financing
From the latest methods in cavity filling to advanced "whole mouth" imaging systems, dental equipment is consistently getting better and better. And with these advances comes a heftier price, which is why Crest Capital is one of the leading choices when financing dental equipment.
Home Healthcare Equipment Financing
Home healthcare equipment can range from beds to wheelchairs to lifting assistance apparatuses to perhaps even a portable oxygen tank. While the scope is broad indeed, financing home healthcare equipment should be as straightforward as possible. And that's exactly what Crest Capital offers.
Medical Imaging Equipment Financing
Medical imaging equipment is far more than simple x-rays these days. MRI's, Cat Scans, and Ultrasounds – they all fall under medical imaging equipment. This equipment is very expensive, and can typically only be had if financed. Crest Capital offers medical imaging equipment financing to organizations nationwide.
Laboratory Equipment Financing
he laboratory (or "the lab") is the part of the medical industry that the public almost never sees. Yet this is one of the most important parts of healthcare. The equipment used by laboratories is specialized and costly, making a laboratory equipment financing specialist like Crest Capital needed.
Other Medical Equipment Financing
The term "Medical Equipment" can mean almost anything in the medical field. From operating tables to hospital beds to a surgeon's tools… they all fall under "medical equipment". These items are greatly needed, and they carry a high cost, making the need for medical equipment financing all the more obvious.
Pharmacy Equipment Financing.
Modern pharmacies are very different from their 20th century counterparts. Where you once had a pharmacist with a file cabinet, notecards, and shelves, you now have highly computerized dispensary equipment and secure, private digital files for everyone's records. This makes pharmacy equipment financing a needed service.

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