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The laboratory is a vital part of the medical industry, as it's where many diseases and afflictions are first diagnosed. And the equipment a lab uses, from testing equipment to finely-tuned (and highly precise) microscopes, is extremely specialized (and expensive.) In fact, the cost is such that financing laboratory equipment is often the only way to obtain it. This makes using an equipment financing company that is experienced in financing laboratory equipment advantageous.

Crest Capital is well versed in laboratory equipment financing. In fact, we've been financing lab equipment for almost two decades, and have made the process simple and elegant. If your medical facility needs lab equipment financed, be it one microscope or a dozen, we're ready to help with a simple application process, fantastic rates, and the shortest approval time in the industry. We'll make sure your lab is up to date, and your medical facility remains top notch.

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Check Your Eligibility for Laboratory Equipment Financing  with Crest Capital
Analytical Instrument Financing
Analytical instrument equipment is used in the medical field to help with medical diagnosis. Examples include equipment to test for a presence of a pathogen or for chemical levels. Analytical instrument equipment is a significant investment and expensive. Because of their cost, financing analytical instruments is a smart financial move.
Autoclaves and Sterilizer Financing
Autoclaves and sterilizer equipment sterilize medical equipment (like surgery instruments) with the application of steam and/or heat. As a mandatory piece of life saving health and medical equipment, it doesn't come very cheap. Medical agencies wishing to purchase this equipment look into financing autoclaves and sterilizer equipment.
Blood Analyzing Equipment Financing
Blood analyzing equipment performs blood tests to monitor for bacteria, viruses, hormone levels, mineral levels, drugs, and other clues for health issues. This piece of laboratory equipment is costly but necessary for insight into a patient's health. Because of their expense, financing blood analyzing equipment is a very smart move.
Evaporator Financing
Evaporators use heat to remove water and fluid from laboratory samples and medicines. Uses include concentrating a medicine for easy storage or to dry a sample for long term storage. Depending on the job and models desired, they can be quite pricy. Due to the expense, evaporator financing is smart.
Incubator Financing
Incubators are traditionally thought of as assisting with egg hatching and to assist with the care of newborn babies. Incubators in their role of laboratory equipment assist with the growth of microorganisms for research and to generate medicines. Paying up front for incubators isn't feasible; therefore laboratories look into financing incubators.
Microscope Financing
Microscopes have evolved since their invention in the 1600s. Although the overall purpose is still the same (allow someone to see objects too small to see by the naked eye), today's microscopes have abilities far beyond their ancestors. Depending on the type of microscope wanted, microscope financing is usually necessary.
Optical Lab Equipment Financing
Optical lab equipment is a catchall for all the equipment associated with lens creation. Optical lab equipment is a must for any medical professional (like an optometrist) who wants to eliminate laboratory fees. The equipment doesn't come cheap so looking into financing optical lab equipment is a smart move.

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