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General medical equipment can mean almost anything that isn't listed somewhere else. Items like a hospital bed, an operating table (or the lights above it), a surgeon's tools, oxygen tanks… almost anything else you can think of can fall under this category. What all these items have in common is twofold – need, and cost. They are all needed by a medical facility, and they all carry a high cost. Making financing general medical equipment something every medical facility needs to consider.

Crest Capital helps in this area by providing the medical equipment financing that companies need. From obvious hospital equipment like an operating table to a stretcher for a corporation's nursing office, we're ready to finance the medical equipment you need. With a very simple application, low rates, and a fast approval time, we can handle the medical equipment financing you require, and let you get back to helping the sick and injured heal.

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Dermatologic Laser Equipment Financing
Dermatologic lasers assist in the removal of hair, wrinkles, and other imperfections on the skin. Even if your business has the money to purchase this medical equipment outright, it can still put a crimp in your budget. Save yourself the trouble and look into dermatologic laser financing for your business.
Medical Accounting Software Financing
Medical accounting software handles accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll and other accounting roles for the medical industry. Basically, it's an accounting system for doctors, hospitals, and other medical personal. Since the cost can vary so much (especially if it's custom), financing medical accounting software is a smart move.
Medical Billing Software Financing
Medical billing software handles the billing of customers and insurance companies. Examples include creating invoices for clients and customers, and also figuring in the myriad of insurances and co-pays. Since the cost of this software can strain a budget, financing medical billing software is a viable solution.
Medical Scale Financing
A medical scale is a precise piece of medial equipment used to determine your weight, and in some cases, measure your height. Medical scales come with different options (such as greater weight tolerances, or perhaps scales for babies) and therefore different prices. Thus, financing medical scales is an easy way to get them

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