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An automotive vehicle repair service, whether stand alone, part of a chain, or an internal part of a larger company, uses expensive equipment. Hydraulic lifts, alignment machines, oil pumping delivery systems, "pit" style repair bays - they all play a part in a modern automotive repair shop. As do items like large-scale bay doors and (if a body shop) frame straightening machines.

The bottom line is this specialized equipment is both large in scale, and large in dollars spent. And since the equipment is necessary to perform successful vehicle repair, it often takes the help of an automotive repair equipment financing specialist like Crest Capital to get a shop operational. With our simple application process and our "faster than you can change a tire" approval time, we can help you with financing automotive repair equipment, and make sure your time is spent helping vehicles stay on the road. Contact us today to learn more.

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Commercial Car Wash Financing

When running a business such as a commercial car wash, it's important to factor in all the equipment associated with such a venture. Which in the case of a car wash, can be very pricey. So it helps to know that there are available automotive and diagnostic equipment leasing options.

Auto Body Equipment Financing

Automotive body shops are miracle workers - only there can a wrecked vehicle be brought back to life. However, the equipment a body shop needs is expensive, from frame straigteners to spraying bays. However, there is automotive repair equipment leasing options that can provide financial relief.

Frame Machine Financing

A Frame Machine is a familiar tool in auto body and collision repair shops. Called by several different names (frame straightener, body rack, frame rack, etc), these machines help bring wrecked or otherwise damaged vehicles to life. They are also expensive, meaning that frame machine financing is something many shops consider.

Tire Changer Financing

A tire changer is an important part of any automotive shop. And since people now pay close attention to their tires, having excellent tire changing equipment is paramount. In fact, it's often at the top of the list when a shop looks to lease automotive repair equipment.

Automotive Grinder Financing

Automotive grinders have a variety of features and uses, from cleaning and smoothing surfaces to removing gaskets to general surface prep. And if a shop truly wants to offer high quality work, having the best automotive grinders is important. That's why automotive repair equipment leasing, and particularly grinder financing, is often necessary. More…

Brake Lathe Financing

When maintaining your customer’s cars, it is important to consider all aspects of the vehicle, especially regarding car parts that relate to safety. And there’s no more important safety feature than brakes. That’s why a quality brake lathe should be part of any automotive repair equipment leasing program you consider. More…

Wheel Balancer Equipment Financing

A Wheel Balancer is a familiar time saving tool that allows mechanics a fast and easy way to assess potential problems in wheels. They provide a fast and easy way to improve your customer's 'handling' problems with a minimum of work. Because of the initial high cost, financing wheel balancer equipment becomes a desirable option.

Transmission Repair Equipment Financing

Modern Transmission Repair Equipment is a necessity for any competitive automotive shop. Today's transmissions need sophisticated electronic equipment to assist in transmission diagnosis and repair. Such precision tools tend to be quite pricey. For this reason, financing transmission repair equipment becomes the best option.

Wheel Alignment Machine Financing

A Wheel Alignment Machine is a valuable time-saving tool that allows fast and easy assessment and repair of potential problems in a vehicle's wheel alignment. While these machines are necessary, they are also large and pricey. Because of the initial high cost, businesses often choose to finance wheel alignment machines.

Automotive Lift and Hoist Financing

Lift and Hoist equipment allow you and your mechanics easy access to the underbelly of customer vehicles. They provide a safe manner to service vehicles without needlessly endangering anyone and raising your liability. This long-term cost saving measure tends to be expensive at first. Because of this, lift equipment financing becomes an attractive option. More…

Automotive A/C Service Equipment Financing

Most automobiles sold today come with air conditioning as standard equipment. What once was a luxury is now a mainstay. And the equipment needed to maintain automotive air conditioning units is expensive. Fortunately, there are automotive equipment lease financing programs that include very attractive automotive A/C service equipment financing options. More…

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