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The automotive repair industry is very competitive, and at the same time is becoming more and more reliant on technology. Today's mechanics rely on a bevy of sophisticated (and rather expensive) automotive diagnostic equipment. Alignment machines, computer diagnostic stations, and emissions testing devices are all common in today's repair facilities. And since this equipment carries such a high price tag, almost all repair facilities seek to finance their automotive diagnostic equipment.

There is an advantage to not only financing automotive repair and diagnostic equipment, but to do so with the best terms. Adding new diagnostic equipment opens up new profit centers for a repair shop. Better finance terms on automotive diagnostic and repair equipment means more profit.

Crest Capital has been handling automotive diagnostic and repair equipment financing for close to two decades, and we are familiar with the needs of the auto repair industry. Thus, we offer financing for all manner of automotive equipment: regardless of what it is, we can finance it - quickly and easily. Contact us today to learn more. And if you're looking for business vehicle financing, well, we do that too.

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Diagnostic Equipment Financing

The diagnostic equipment an auto repair facility uses has become rather sophisticated in nature. In fact, since they rely on computer technology, the advances come fast. Add in that today's automobiles are meant to be hooked up to sophisticated diagnostic equipment, and you have a clear need for automotive diagnostic equipment financing.

Automotive Repair Equipment Financing

Automotive repair equipment can be used to describe a bevy of repair tools and devices. From an alignment machine that takes up an entire repair bay to the hydraulic lifts to the oil and fluid delivery systems, the equipment used to repair vehicles is often large and expensive, making an automotive repair equipment financing specialist necessary.

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