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Modern automobiles have sophisticated computer and diagnostic systems that not only control many of their functions, but also communicate with specific automotive diagnostic equipment. A repair shop's diagnostic equipment hooks up to the automobile, and gets a complete report of the vehicle, including areas that need repair or maintenance.

The reality of this sophisticated automotive diagnostic equipment is cost. Constant advances in computer technology put this new diagnostic equipment on a steady upgrade path, making the purchase of new (or modified) diagnostic equipment a consistent occurrence. So an automotive diagnostic equipment financing specialist like Crest Capital is often needed. We can help you secure financing for automotive diagnostic equipment, and we can do such with a minimal application process (and get you an answer the same day.) This way, you can get the automotive diagnostic equipment financing you need, without spending days applying and waiting for an answer. Contact us today to learn more.

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Dynamometers Financing (aka Dyno)
Dynamometers are machines that are used to measure torque and rotational speed (rpm) from the power produced by an engine or other rotating device. This equipment is expensive, so when a shop needs dynamometer financing, it pays to do it right the first time. That's why automotive diagnostic equipment leasing from a specialist is often necessary.
Vehicle Emission Testing Equipment Financing
Vehicle Emission Testing Equipment is necessary in any automotive shop. Today's modern shop needs to help their customers adhere to stricter Federal Clear Air Guidelines in addition to locating problem leaks. Accurate vehicle emission testing equipment tends to be quite pricey. For this reason, financing vehicle emission testing equipment becomes the preferred option.
Vehicle Engine Analyzer Financing
A Vehicle Engine Analyzer is a time saving tool for any automotive shop. Imagine a tool you can hook up to most cars to analyze the problem. That is what this modern diagnostic tool does. However, such a sophisticated tool tends to be quite pricey. For this reason, financing vehicle engine analyzers becomes the best option.

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