Put Substantial Dollars in Your Pocket for 2016!

Combine Crest Capital's 'Section 179 Qualified Financing' with your generous Section 179 tax deduction to literally add thousands of "bottom line" dollars to your bank account. Take full advantage of Section 179 with this free report.

Use the Below Calculator to Check Your Tax Write Off for 2016

The Section 179 Tax Deduction is meant to encourage businesses to stay competitive by purchasing needed equipment, and writing off the full amount on their taxes. This free Section 179 calculator is fully updated for 2016 – go ahead, run some numbers and see how much you can actually save in real dollars this year.

2016 Section 179
Tax Deduction CalculatorTM

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The calculator presents a potential tax scenario based on typical assumptions that may not apply to your business. This page and calculator are not tax advice. The indicated tax treatment applies only to transactions deemed to reflect a purchase of the equipment or a capitalized lease purchase transaction. Please consult your tax advisor to determine the tax ramifications of acquiring equipment or software for your business.

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Makes Plans For a Profitable 2016, Because This Deduction is HUGE.

The deduction limit for 2016 is $500,000. This is a large increase from other years, and means businesses can deduct the full cost of equipment from their 2016 taxes, up to $500,000. This can really make a difference to your bottom line at the end of the year.

To take advantage of these high Section 179 limits for 2016, the equipment must be purchased and put into service by midnight 12/31/2016. Use Form 4562 to claim your deduction.