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How often have you heard "we'd really like this software, but it's not in the budget this year"? Crest Capital can help put an end to that very real objection by providing your customers with hassle-free software financing at very customer-friendly terms. Your customers can even finance extras, like training and support agreements.

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Offering payments takes "Initial Investment" out of the equation: Quoting your software solution as a monthly payment makes it much easier to close the sale. In plain terms, your software becomes easy to buy (while you still get paid, in full, day one).


Offering payments cuts decision-making delays: Monthly payments expand your customer's purchasing power as they won't have to wait until funds are available. It turns "do we have the budget to upgrade?" into "this is a no-brainer".


Offering payments increases add-on sales: Monthly payments open doors to additional options, such as expanded modules, user training, installation, support agreements, and more (and all of these can be financed as well.) This leads to more Total Solution presentations and sales.


Financing is a serious (full price) closing tool: Remove sticker-shock with a zero percent financing option, a very popular technique to close hesitant buyers. Moreover, when you offer payments through Crest, your salespeople are not pressured to offer discounts to close the deal.


Payments mean Convenience: Your software customers will love the no-hassle aspect of Crest's software financing. Your salespeople can have prospects complete our simple application right there and then (closing the commitment to buy).


Your competition is shut out: There's nothing better for your salesperson than showing great software (like yours), and then surprising potential clients with affordability. This eliminates shopping around.


We can work your way: For longer development cycles, we can create a payment schedule that meets contracted deliverables and agreed-upon milestones. Revenue Recognition is another aspect that some of our software partners face, and we are fully equipped to assist you with this complex topic. Talk to us – we have a solution that fits the way you work.

Crest is a great asset for us and an important part of our business. Thank you so much for all your service!

Travis Sokol | Korr Medical

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