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Crest Capital makes equipment financing easy, but that doesn't mean you don't have questions. Here are the answers to our most Frequently Asked Questions.

What Are Crest Capital’s Credit Requirements?

Our typical business customers are established (>2 years) companies with good credit. Crest Capital’s credit requirements for equipment financing approval are based on many factors including the age of the business, credit history of the business and owners, current utilization of debt, collateral, industry, and numerous other factors. You can check your company's eligibility in seconds.

Will Crest Capital hit my personal credit with an inquiry when I apply?

Nope. We can make a decision without an inquiry showing up on your credit report. This is another example of Crest being a very customer-friendly equipment financing company.

What are your finance rates?

The finance rates we offer are competitive with a typical bank business loan.

Do you have the restrictions that a bank has, like blanket liens and similar?

No, we do not. Our fixed-rate loans and leases require no blanket liens, and we also do not require a compensating bank balance. Nor do you have to re-qualify for the loan annually. Assuming you make your payments, we'll leave you alone.

Do you finance (insert type of equipment)?

Yes, we will finance almost any type of equipment, vehicle and software a business needs to conduct operations. From machinery to office furniture to electronic equipment to… pretty much everything else.

Do you provide titled leases?

Yes, we do – with a guaranteed purchase option.

Is your financing Section 179-friendly?

Yes, we offer Section 179 financing that allows you to take advantage of this generous business equipment tax deduction. Use it – your accountant will be very pleased.

What about startup financing? Or bad credit financing?

These we don't do. Sorry.

Can I add to a lease / finance agreement? For example, we finance computers through you one year, and next year, we need more.

Yes, we will work with you there.

What type of equipment leases does Crest Capital offer?

Crest Capital offers a wide variety of business equipment leases and loans. From straight EFAs to $1 purchase options to Operating Leases to others, we’re sure to meet your lending needs..

What transaction sizes do you finance?

From small ($5,000) to large ($500,000-plus).

What about applying – do I need boxes of tax returns and other forms?

Nope. If your transaction size is under $250,000, then all you need to do is fill out our quick and easy online application.

Once we apply, how fast is your approval process?

Is later today good? Seriously, it's usually a matter of hours.

I assume you finance vehicles too – is that true?

Indeed it is. We finance new and used commercial vehicles and trailers. This means everything from delivery trucks and vans to work vehicles to heavy equipment. We even finance vehicles like paving trucks, cranes, ambulances, and similar. The only types of vehicles we don't finance are passenger cars, and transportation company / owner-operator trucks (that said, we do finance individual 18-wheelers for companies not involved in the transportation industry).

Does Crest Capital Finance Software?

Yes, Crest Capital provides Software Financing. In fact, we’re proud to be one of the only equipment financing companies to do this.

Do you work with small businesses?

Sure, we love working with small businesses. Our customer base is filled with companies that have between 5 and 75 employees.

Do you provide financing for the entire transaction?

Yes, we provide 100% financing, and then some.

What do you mean "and then some"?

We will not only finance the entire transaction, but if you wish, we will also finance the soft costs, like tax, delivery, installation, etc. A full 25% of the loan amount can be soft costs.

How do I get started?

Use our quick and easy online application.

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