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Crest Capital proudly serves established small and mid-sized companies who view our restriction-free equipment financing as a key part of their growth. And our Credit Requirements reflect that.

Since 1989, Crest Capital has been a valued partner to our customers. We work with small and mid-sized companies that have proven they deserve a lender who offers great rates and terms without crippling liens and intrusive bank covenants.

In terms of Credit Requirements, our customers come from hundreds of different industries, and most have anywhere between 5 and 100 employees. They have been in business two years or longer, are profitable, and have avoided bankruptcies and credit issues.

In other words, our customers have demonstrated they merit a business-friendly lender who treats them like the successful, growing company they are.

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Ask any Crest Capital customer what they like about us, and besides “the loan process was quick and easy” you’re also likely to hear that we respect our customers, and we do not tell them what to do with their money or their assets.

Because we only work with successful companies, we do not require minimum account balances or utilize a suffocating blanket lien like a bank would, and we’re certainly not going to make borrowers “requalify” for the loan annually either.

We believe our customers have earned the right to operate as they see fit. Business is hard enough, so we’re more than happy to provide fast, easy equipment financing so successful companies can become more successful. And once we lend you the funds, we stay out of your way.

Bottom line: Crest Capital’s credit requirements reward proven success. If you become our customer, you get a lender with a fast and easy “no paperwork” process, great rates, and no restrictions. Because you deserve it.

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