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Ask an old fashioned lending institution about technology equipment financing or software financing, and you very well may get a silent stare (if this happens, don't even mention software leasing). This is because many lending institutions frown upon financing software or other technology equipment – in short, they do not wish to finance something they do not understand.

Crest Capital understands not just software and technology, but the need for companies to finance it. From new computer systems to custom (and expensive) ERP systems to logistics-based shipping and routing software, we can handle any technology equipment or software financing need you may have. Even concepts like leasing software are not foreign to us (in fact, we're one of the industry leaders in this regard).

With our no-hassle application and nano-second (well, almost) approval time, Crest Capital can make financing software and technology equipment quick and simple. Contact us today to learn more.

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Audio Visual Equipment Financing
Audio Visual equipment (AV equipment for short) comprises a wide spectrum of devices. From cameras to sound equipment to editing and viewing equipment, the realm is wide and far. And Crest capital provides financing for audio visual equipment, regardless of particular type.
Computer Hardware Financing
Computer hardware has drastically come down in price over the years. This is both a blessing and a curse. The blessing is that it is more affordable. The curse is the upgrade path is almost gone – when the computers are old, you simply buy new. This is an issue when an entire office of new workstations is needed or the servers need replacing.
Software Financing
Software financing (and software leasing) are becoming more and more popular. The simple fact that custom-developed software is very costly almost dictates that software financing options be made available. And Crest Capital answers the call with exceptional software financing and software leasing options for you.
Telecommunications Equipment Financing
Telecommunications equipment technology advances rapidly. It's now even possible to have separate office locations act as one – teleconferencing makes the next state as accessible as the next room. The equipment needed, from upgraded lines to the AV equipment, is costly, so a telecommunications financing specialist like Crest Capital is often necessary.

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