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Just a few years ago, the very concept of software financing (or software leasing) was completely foreign. Banks and other traditional lending institutions just didn't see the value in software – it wasn't a tangible object – just a bunch of 1's and 0's. However, these 1's and 0's are indeed worth something, as is reflected in the cost of developing software. In short, software, especially custom software (like an ERP or point of sale system), can be very costly. Which makes the need for financing software obvious.

Crest Capital answers this need by offering software financing and software leasing to companies nationwide. We recognize the need for companies to stay ahead of the technological curve, and we respond with great software financing rates, a simple application, and an approval time measured in nanoseconds (well, not literally, but it's really fast.) This adds up to the software financing and software leasing your company needs.

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Check Your Eligibility for Software Financing with Crest Capital
Accounting Software Financing
One of the most important aspects of any business is making sure that the company's money is properly managed. And today, that means having the right accounting software to verify all aspects of a company's finances. This software can be expensive, which is why accounting software financing though Crest Capital can help.
CAD/CAM Sofware Financing
CAD/CAM software is needed when it comes to programming complicated drafting and designs (like 2 and 4 Axis parts, Wire EDM, etc). In fact, where CAD/CAM software is needed, no other program will do (and they are expensive.) Thus, utilizing CAD/CAM software financing though Crest Capital helps you get the software you need.
CRM Software Financing
CRM (customer relationship management) software is good for being able to track all customer interactions and transactions, so that your company can know what customers want and what they've bought. For that reason, it is important to finance the right software the first time. Having CRM software financing though Crest Capital will help you make that happen.
E-Commerce Software Financing
E-Commerce is known for its convenience, making online shopping a breeze. However, it is important to have a reputation for providing a safe environment for customers to share financial information. As a company, you need the best E-Commerce software around. That's where E-Commerce software financing though Crest Capital comes in.
Inventory Management Financing
Inventory management software keeps track of units available (either for company use or for sale). Advanced versions of inventory management software can even automate the ordering of additional units, and be tied to point of sale systems. Since this software is generally expensive, it's smart to look into financing inventory management software.
Manufacturing Software Financing
Manufacturing software is specialized software used to streamline the operations of manufacturing companies. Manufacturing software can cover the entire process from the assembly floor to the sales floor. Since specialized software is expensive (especially if modifications are needed), financing manufacturing software makes sense.
ERP Software Financing
ERP Software (which stands for enterprise resource planning) is software that runs your entire business, and ties it all together. From ordering to shipping to inventory, your ERP system is the central nervous system of your company. Obviously, these systems can be quite pricy, making ERP software financing prudent.
EDI Software Financing
EDI was conceived in the 1970's as an easy (and paperless) way for businesses to communicate. Today, it's widely used by many companies, typically for ordering, shipping, invoicing, and general document exchange. EDI software, because it's so specialized (and because you can't buy it at a store), is generally expensive, which makes financing EDI software a must.
EMR Software Financing
aka Medical E-Records or Electronic Health Records (EHR), EMR software has been a boon to medical professionals (and their patients) everywhere. HIPAA compliant, this specialized software allows easy access to medical records from anywhere, allows medication to be prescribed electronically, and more. But it's also pricey, making financing EMR software (or taking out an EHR software lease) a very convenient way to get it

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